STIV Klingon Hand Disruptor Study


This is a prop I built a functional hero of a while back and at that time I learned that the emitter was a painted clear cast part and that the 2x2 lightbar on the display was doing the STIII phaser RAC dilithium crystal light effect.

I will pull these photos if requested as I don’t have the owner information but I suspect they may be Richard’s. Yes these next two photos are RAC Prop photos. I always have trouble finding the front door to the photos.

For some reason, likely because I’ve been told so, I always thought the big red rocker switch had a transparent red rocker but this may not the case as can be seen in this screen shot which also shows the clear cast emitter lighting up. The one pictured above does have a transparent red rocker but that disruptor is not the one being used in the screen cap judging by the silver dry brush marks.

Now I’m also guessing that the red/black/silver strips are made from the same tape as used on the STIII Klingon Comms.

EDIT: here’s my build.

I’ll have a video shortly of my build.
Unusually fast for photobucket. I’d upload direct to TFW but my file sizes even for short videos are too large.


You know Scott, I still do not have a copy of this prop.
I remember Scott Brodeen building the master for this in his garage while we were hanging out.
Interesting to note that this was designed by Richard Coyle and his son after Nimoy rejected what the designers submitted.


It took me a long time to finally make one and I’m glad I did it when better information was out there. This one started as a solid casting and was a pain in the wazoo. Everything needed to be modified basically.


I have 2. One is a Marco Enterprise and the other is a solid resin copy. The ME version has a round rocker switch. Have never tried to see if it has any electronics in it.



Nice prop Scott!

Steve P


I believe the nozzle might be cast from a 3 Prong m-16 Flash Hider-


You would be right by my eye. It would just need to be ground down for the angle.


Wow that’s great.

Mike P


You are correct NickDaring. From the words of Max Cervantez: It was the flash suppressor from a Viet Nam era M16 sanded down at an angle.


EDIT: I had read somewhere that this “hand disruptor” was actually a modified Klingon tool. Casey over at Triple Fiction Productions created a wooden version of the (I assume) prototype. I believe the prop was built by RACProps.

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My name is Rob Coyle, I just wanted to say well done on your prop; it looks pretty spot on. Don’t know about the scale, will have to check mine. Fyi some of the history of this prop is getting real murky, for those interested: I myself, Robert Coyle, designed the klingon hand phaser and Scott Brodeen built it, my father did the electronics and the 3 prong m-16 tip. No one else was involved. All were scratch built by Scott with 2 being hero vesions e.i. light effect. Cool bit of fact, I got a look at the ILM drawing for their Klingon hand disruptor and it was simply a redressing of their Klingon communicater.


Well met. I have a piece of what may be one of the early styrene builds with the bargraphs installed. Unfortunately the red switch is no longer with it and alas it had no identifiers to use to find others.


looks to me like the redess part use for st-v, we got the originals back from paramount to repaint in federation colors so the could be reused as back ground props. truth was my dad kept the originals and scott built new ones for that film.


Do you have any story about the “hand disruptor” originally a modified Klingon tool?

I’ve seen a few images over the years and it makes me wonder what the true history of this item is.


The real “story” I think would be best served in a separate post that may take a few days to put together. In it with the help of my son Tyler we will provide any materials I still have including pics and drawings and the truth behind the unlikely Klingon “Hand” disruptor.


This is so cool to get first hand information about a prop by the actual model builders! This forum never ceases to amaze me.


Update: Will get the prop and sketches together for pics, rewriting the post as time permits. Still looking for a couple items that I like to be in here.


Here is my part of this story/prop.

My son Robert E. Coyle did indeed design it. Mainly the main body.

I made the center section. And the big rocker switch was indeed transparent and was rigged to be lighted. Sadly there were only a few in the box of switches at a surplus electronics store here in Phoenix AZ. I never found out the manufacture nor ever found them again.

And yes I used a M16 trispike Flash hider as the mold master and then cast them in fiberglass and sanded them at the angle you see.

I did buy a box of the red bar push buttons we used for the trigger thinking I would do a run of these…what stopped me was not being able to find those rocker switches.

The Bargraph displays really came with the black faces.

I remember both Scott and I working on these.

Scott machined the delrin rods on his Shureline Micro Lathe.

Like the Power Leach/proton Collector I was asked to turn them in unpainted so that the studio paint shop could finish them. They did the painting and added those tricolor strips.

This is one of the very few props I made that I do not own a copy of.




This is what I was trying to avoid, but Here it is- I am the Only designer of this prop-My original design was approved without changes by Mr. Leonard Nimoy period. I will not share that with anyone, to do so would be a Lie. I will make a topic and list everything factually as I have nothing to lose from relaying the truth about the prop and its creation…I will not discuss it further here or anywhere else. In fact Scott Brodeen, in my opinion, would be the only person that I would trust to give better info- on the subject, as he was the model builder and the only one to have made ( if any ) changes to my design. My apologies to Scott Irwin for any inconvenience-


I’m just confused now at this point.