Superconducting Magnet SCM Model 3


Also known as the Sikarian Trajector Matrix from Voyager S1E9 “Prime Factors”. The prop was altered some for Voyager though, with different end details and a repaint on the curved bits. The curved ends were gray in TNG and metallic on Voyager.

This prop appeared in 3 episodes of TNG, first appearing as the superconducting magnet SCM Model 3 in S2E10 “The Dauphin”. The best views of it start around the 3:30 mark when Wesley exits the turbolift. It briefly appears in the TNG episodes “Conundrum” in Riker’s quarters, and “Schisms” as an alien device.

I attempted to snap some shots of it from the tv, but if someone has some better skills at screen grabs please add them to the discussion. The first 3 are from The Dauphin, the last one is from Prime Factors.


In the Voyager version, the red window on the side was activated by pressing the small black button on the top.


For both versions of the prop, the ribbed sides appear to be translucent.

So…does anyone have any ideas or knowledge on this prop? How was it constructed? Model parts, found items, build from scratch, maybe a bit of all of those? I always thought this was a cool looking prop, and I’d love to attempt to build one, assuming it’s within my abilities.


It also appears in Riker’s quarters in “Conundrum.”


Hi, We did do changes on this piece but it was org. made I believe at MEL. I do not know if this was a Rick Sternbach design or if it was designed at MEL.


I sent Rick Sternbach a message thru Facebook to ask if he remembers anything about the prop. I have no idea if he usually responds to those types of questions but if he does I’ll report back.

I’m planning on trying to draw this prop up in 3D to work out the size and proportions before I try to build it. I think I can do it in SketchUp using the match photo feature as soon as I get some better screenshots.


You might check to see if these close-up are in their screenshot galleries.


Thanks for the suggestion. has some screenshots that could be useful.
There are some items in this shot that may help determine some rough dimensions. Maybe some of the measurements of the horga’hn? Does anyone have one that could measure the distance from the bottom of the base to the bottom and top of the right knee, and the distance across the “ears”?

I’m going to try to get better screenshots tomorrow on my work computer.


Yesterday I totally forgot to get the measurements you requested in the post above - I have a reminder in my phone and I’ll try to get them posted later today!

Here are some Trekcore screencaps from “Prime Factors”

BTW, if you have Amazon Prime, they stream the HD/Blu-ray version of TNG now, providing a convenient way to get screencaps using your computer/s print screen key, though due to compression the image quality is not quite as nice as if you were pulling directly from the Blu-ray.


Thank you! Re-reading my last post I should have said the horgh’an’s left knee (right side in the screenshot).

I need some additional opinions regarding the curved ends. Looking at the photos, it appears to be a semicircle in most of the screenshots, but is can also appear to have a flattened portion. Check the third photo in the original post. If it weren’t for that one view I’d be convinced it was a semicircle.

I started working on a 3D of this thing in SketchUp yesterday. I should have something to post soon for discussion.


Alright, here are the measurements: 2.7 inches from base to bottom of right knee, and 3.24 inches from base to top of right knee (the point where it transitions from the curve of the knee to the flat of the leg)

Max ear width = 5.23 inches (the upper/flat ears, not the angled middle ones)


Are you on a Windows 10 PC? Reason I ask is I’ve had copy protection defeat screen-capping other streaming services like Netflix. I might try out Prime for this purpose if it works.


I’m on Windows 10 at work and haven’t had any issues using the Snipping Tool to do full screen captures of Netflix or Amazon. The shots I’m getting still aren’t super clear, but they’ll have to do!

Rick Sternbach was kind enough to find the original concept sketch he did and posted it over on a Facebook for me.


Here’s the first go around with a model. I still need to work on the shapes of the top and bottom details.
I also think the sloped sides may be too tall in proportion to the ribbed center.

Comments welcome.