Tambour Panel Set Detailing


This might not be the best reference for it, but on Voyager there’s a set element that is all over the place. In this image, it is on the little wall divider between Tom and Tuvok, specifically the shiny reapeating slats running up the edge of it. Like I said, this appears all over the different sets. I was curious if anyone knew whether this is some kind of ready-made item that could be bought in sheets, or if it was custom cut and applied slat by slat? The latter would seem very tedious and it’s used so much, I thought it might be something that can be purchased.


Looks to me like it could be a similar material to what’s used in garage workshops for hanging tools and such. Granted, the slats for those are spread wider apart, but what we’re seeing there could be something similar.


That’s what I was thinking, or a retail display slatwall.


I’ll be sure to look into that.


Yeah, that could be it. Those ones are closer together.


Maybe the stuff used for rolling cabinet doors? They are also referred to as “tambour doors”


Hmm… another good possibility…


:The stuff is also available as “Architectural Tambour.” It comes in sheets or rolls. I’ve seen pictures of columns supporting the roof/ceiling covered with the stuff.

–Paul E Musselman


Ask and ye shall receive… Paul is correct, Joe Ralat got in touch with me and confirmed that these elements are tambour panels from Outwater Plastics Industries which makes a lot of architectural products. Joe has blueprints from Voyager and Star Trek VI that specifically call for the product code #371A that you can see on this catalog page:

http://www.outwatercatalogs.com/lg_display.cfm/catalog/Master_Catalog_Vol_42/page/558 (link broken)

Try this one:

You can see that it comes with the metallic finish and black grooves, ready-made. It says that it comes with a satin or brushed finished. Does anyone have an opinion on which is used in the reference photos?

From Voyager:

Here’s an image from ST VI in the dining room set where it’s used on the walls:

By the way, even though this seems to be the right manufacturer, there are other sources for metallic tambour, such as this:


This has gotten me thinking on other things too. I wonder if these Ten Forward doors were made with a different version of a tambour panel.

Thanks again to Joe Ralat.


I sent in a request for samples from the two manufacturers above. Only got a response so far from the one that’s not what the production used, but the specs looked very similar. I’ll post pictures when it arrives.


I fixed the broken catalog link above. Sorry that I didn’t post photos of the sample I received. At this point, I don’t remember exactly where I put it…but it’ll turn up.

Anyway, I’m bringing this thread up, because I noticed something from a set piece. The table in this image from TNG S2xE15 Pen Pals has detailing that could be one of the first known uses, unless someone else has a suggestion.

Does anyone know where else this table shows up? This episode was produced in the spring of 1989, so it predates STVI’s production by about 2 years (the tambour’s use in that film is referenced above).

But this table also instantly reminded me of the crew quarter’s bed. Seen here on the bridge in Data’s dream TNG S6E16 Birthright, Part I.

I’m too lazy at the moment to figure out when this style bed first appeared. Maybe it’s in the pilot?


Earliest bed appearance I’ve come across so far.

1x07 Lonely Among Us


Possible tambour.

1x03 The Naked Now


Earliest bed.

1x03 The Naked Now


Possibly being used here.

DS9 1x09 The Passenger


These blueprints for the type 9 shuttle cockpit interiror have Tambour written in a couple of places
Sheet 1 - https://www.flickr.com/photos/99878876@N02/16068969099/in/album-72157646352071752/
Sheet 2 - https://www.flickr.com/photos/99878876@N02/16229194836/in/album-72157646352071752/


Most likely tambour.

TNG 6x05 Schisms


@Lt.Washburn…did you ever receive your samples?


Yes, I did. I have them somewhere, but they are misplaced for now.


Here’s a really good shot of one of the beds.

3x03 The Survivors