Ten Forward Glassware


Hello everyone.

I’m trying to source the bulbous drinking glasses so often seen in TNG on the set of Ten Forward. I know it was a candle holder, but I’m looking for a source to get some to use on my RV this summer.


Has anyone seen these recently?


Quarksbarb.com has info on these. Some think they were votive holders from a place like Pier 1. You can fairly easily find them as sold by Princess House, I think, if you don’t mind etched flowers on them.






Some interesting shapes-- not necessarily 10-Forward.
I searched for >votive candle holders round pedestal<


or >tealight round pedestal<


I seem to recall seeing in one of the DVD docs that they did a lot of shopping at Pier 1 and Cost Plus and bought them out for prop stock.


I just inquired with Princess House, here’s the reply:

Dear Ms. Wright:

Thank you for your email.
The Princess Heritage candle holder shown on link provided, was discontinued many years ago.
Unfortunately, we do not have any inventory available neither we have a supplier to make this for us.

We are sorry we cannot assist you, with your project.


I asked them the same thing a year ago. :slight_smile:


Look in your local thrift stores. I have found several over the years. Since they are no longer made, besides finding one or two on ebay, the thrift stores are your best bet.



Every now & then on eBay, there’s a guy from Florida that sells his stock of tek glasses used during the 5 series run. I’ve bought several glasses for him over the past couple of years. Very nice guy & very helpful.


I have bought a MASSIVE number of glassware from Dalton in Plant City, FL. He sells via eBay but if you message what you’re lookinh for - he may have it. Here’s a link to a current eBay listing so you can find your way to him. Super nice guy.


I saw that listing. My first thought was that’s a hell of a markup on a pair of glasses from the dollar store. I’ll try messaging him about the bulb style.


Yeah those are candle holders from Dollar Tree I have a set of them because they do look like Star Trek glassware. My brother was down and he was commenting that they had a set just like them.


I soppose at worst I’ll just have to make a computer model and print them in clear ABS


I have a few that I’ve picked up at thrift stores over the years, I can see how many I have any extras. I can also keep an eye out when I hit up the local stores. You could also Barb at quarksqantina.com to see if she has any extras.