Terran Empire props from Discovery (updated with SDCC gallery links)


Stumbled across this great photo of two mirror universe daggers that were on display in Germany this past April:

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Awesome!!! Those are great!! Thank you for sharing this!!!


Nice. OK Ethan, how longs it gonna take you to whip one up? :wink:


TrekCore and TrekMovie have put up some great photos of the Terran Empire prop/costume exhibits at San Diego Comic Con 2018.

Check below for agonizers, insignia pins, daggers, the modified phaser 2, modified phaser rifle, Georgiou’s sword and high tech shuriken (fidget spinner of death!), imperial guard truncheons, and costumes!




How strange! The Tilly and Burnham costumes have shorter daggers than the Tyler, Detmer, Stamets, Georgiou, and stand-alone props. Maybe because both of them had daggers that were visible while seated in the captain’s chair? Regular dagger could have been too long to sit properly.

Check out this image from Trekcore:


I want a fidget spinner of death.


Thanks to the nice display hall, STLV attendees got to see many of the same props from the links above. I took a bunch of photos, which I’ll post below.

A few general observations:

  • The red and black globe on the Terran badges appears to be a printed vinyl sticker. There’s enough deformation in the glossy surface that light glare allows you to make out what are either circular mold lines or magnets underneath.
  • There are two versions of the red and gold globe emblems on the dagger sheaths - one with the gold continents raised, and one recessed. Some or all seem to be made of laser engraved clear acrylic.
  • Killy’s dummy dagger has silver foil sticker paper (same as that of the agonizer) inset into the sheath to mimic the blade - all other dummies had this detail painted.
  • The agonizer is open behind the clear red part - check out the shadow below the one in the display case and note the red light passing through it

Here are photos with multiple props in frame - I’ll follow up with groups of just the agonizer, dagger, and pins below.

Dagger, agonizer, and Terran phasers:

Agonizer (note difference in finish level between belt hanger and the one in the case):

Fidget spinner of death, guard bludgeon, and sword:

Daggers (gold dagger = Emperor’s, gold belt = captain’s stubby version, black/silver belt = regular belt hanger):

Communicator pouch:

Based on the image above where the agonizer width and phaser length are in relatively the same flat plane, and the phaser length of 9.125", I calculated the agonizer width to be about 3.25 inches across:

If the agonizer is 3.25" wide, that puts it right at 4" tall and maybe 0.9" thick including the lens. Assuming the two agonizers are the same size, the copper uniform belt it and the daggers hang from scales to 2" wide (which is about how it looked in person).


Here are the uniform pins:

Note the gloss of the sticker reveals two circular features/edges underneath: