The classic vehicle thread .. whatcha got?


Working on mine. Takes away from prop building…



Is that a Series 1? If so, I guess I can’t say “another fine British Leyland product”. :slight_smile: Very cool, regardless.

My dad was into “exotics” and I grew up with a number of foreign cars; I recall my parents looking at a 1974 2plus2 back in the late 70s (they didn’t buy it).

Dad and I built up one of these models around the same time:


2001Mustang GT converable


1966 Mustang GT

2012 Ford F150


Yes, Series 1, 3.8 for the aficionados out there.


Just kidding, but I did take the pictures. :heart_eyes:


Here’s my attempt at making images for a new car brochure of the day before I changed the wheels and suspension, maybe even before I put the overdrive in.

It wasn’t an easy car to camp with, but it looks cool.
That’s, !!!She Who Must be Obeyed!!! posing innocently but it’s a trap!


Looks like you found a place to get away.


Manchester State Beach.


Dude that’s awesome! Anyway you get back to nature’s a good way- :evergreen_tree:


Paid for this today. Going to be a long wait for it to travel over to the UK from Cali, but, after 20-odd years, a few weeks is nothing.

I wanted a project car… and this one will be a project, but, believe it or not, it’s not as bad as it looks. The spec is right - grey interior, manual, Canadian speedo. The two things I’ve wanted to do was improve the interior - bring it up to the same spec as the pre-production prototypes before cost cutting did it’s work, and potentially look at changing the drivetrain. This car is a good candidate for both those things! I’d be interested to see what my options were for electrification in a couple of years time, but I’d be happy with a decent, european engine too.

High Temperature resins / moulding help

Now, that’s a Car. -SGT


So you want to make that sucker electrical…? :wink:

Very cool, I know well what it is like to finally get something you have pined for for years.


A Doc Brown in Pasadena has a conversion kit that will make that that thing go 88 miles per hour!


Just got a new toy today … 1955 Chevrolet … will post more photos in the daytime


Oh wow, that looks pretty clean. How stock is it?


Radir wheels on that? Same as the Batmobile I think. Regardless, very cool.


Somewhat Stock , power windows added as well as a night rider style dash ( which I don’t care for ) , rims are as mentioned 1960s style. Factory AC … 350 engine



Two and a half months later, and it’s finally with me.

Got a long way to go with this. The Trek projects might have to go on the backburner for a bit…


Great Scott !