The classic vehicle thread .. whatcha got?


Wow what an awesome thread!


Beautiful! The AACA Museum in Hershey, PA has a DeLorean prototype siting next to a stock DeLorean. If you’re near the east coast, it would be worth a visit!


It’s on the list! We’re in NY in March next year so if it’s there I’d really like to see it. I’ve always been more interested in the history and the prototypes than the BTTF connection, so seeing Proto 1 would be a big deal. It’s such a different car to the production one, all sorts of interesting technologies that were intended to be a part of it were sadly cut out for the sake of production.

A friend of mine owns one of the 20-odd Lotus-made pre-production prototypes. You can still see elements of Proto 1 in it, namely in the horizontal sliding windows:

I also got to see the epo-wood styling mockup a couple of years ago; the right side is the orignal 1977 prototype shape, the left side is the softer, production shape. It’s as close to the original prototype as we can get here in the UK.

The panelling / details were done with graphic tape lines, which as an Okuda fan, pleased me. :slight_smile:


Will look forward to updates on this.


Like all my projects, it’ll be marked with an initial flurry of activity, a 14-month slump of despair, and then ideally a second wind to triumph…


Here’s me and my '65 Batmoldsbile Jetstar I; my wife will allow herself to be seen in it with the magnetic vinyl bat emblems on the doors, or with me wearing the Batman shirt, but not both. :slight_smile:


How does she feel about your parking on the front lawn? :slight_smile:

Nice car!


She’s pretty much thrown in the towel at this point. Besides, the best that can be said about my lawn is…it is green.


Portions of my lawn are what is called “deep shade.” I have violets, wild strawberries, lots of clover, gill over the ground, a few dandelions for color (in season), and a blade of grass now and then. It’s green, and I mow it. (:

–Paul E Musselman


We had the car delivered to a friends house - 150 miles from me - but lots of garage space. I’ll be doing little bits over the year before sending it off for whatever major work it will inevitably need. My girlfriend and I started off by cleaning it, and I can’t believe what a difference it made, especially with the blue paint removed from the headlamps. It still needs a lot of fine work, but actually, overall, it’s pretty good! Parts like the rear louvre panel - normally quite fragile - is basically perfect, and the bodywork has only the bearest minimum of dents outside of that damaged wing. Lot of things to do before attempting to get it started, but the engine looked clean and untampered with. There must be a reason why this thing has been laid up since 2001, but I’ve not figured it out yet.

Post clean-up:

The doors have two points of lift/support. Each door has a cryogenically stressed torsion bar ($1k + each) that springs the doors out the first few inches, and then a $30 gas strut takes the load using the momentum to hold it up and in place. Because of the age of the car all the gas struts were dead but thankfully the torsion bars are ok (they will need adjusting; that’s not a job I’m ready to tackle). This job is 5 minutes each side, and it’s probably the most satisfying job on the car (shame it was the first one I did, like having dessert first).

Pre change:

Post change:

My next jobs are clean out the fuel system, and overhaul the brakes. Much, much less fun.


Awesome project man, you guys look great in it.


Cool, looks like fun! Those pictures are so Englandy.


Just wrapped up painting JP 18 !! Re assembly and it will be ready for Thursday’s movie premier !!


Awesome! I recently read through several websites detailing all the mods needed to do one of these. Started making me want to do one. Would you recommend this project to an introvert that doesn’t like random people staring at and talking to them? :wink:



@Lt.Washburn was your question directed towards me ? If so I apologize


Yeah. :slight_smile:


Ah , well if your considering it or simply want to peruse options visit the motorpools website at Jurassic Park Motor-pool … visit the reference section ! Lots of interesting and fun info about found items !


Sadly I think seeing your Jeep is going to be the best thing about going to see JW2 for a lot of people :frowning: Love your work!

I find it mad that no-one has mad a decent scale model of the Explorer. That’s one of my favourite movie vehicles. The 1:24 kit is horribly inaccurate.


Ah man , I’m a JW fan and I wouldn’t have my jeep without it !. I was 16 in 2015 ! And in the theatre at the moment when the kids find the jeeps I whispered to my dad that I would have one of them one day … 3 years later look at me now ! Goes to that reboots or continuations bring in new fans… I wouldn’t be here without the JJ films too !