The classic vehicle thread .. whatcha got?


Good god! :expressionless:

Nothing against reboots as such, it’s just that I thought JW2 pretty poorly made as a film. I’ve got a lot of friends who worked on it so was there to give it a shot, but… yeah. I thought the last one was better than 3, but this one is bottom of the pile for me. The law of diminishing returns really strongly applies to a concept like JP, I think, and the amount of ideas it takes from TLW kind of backs that up.


Just picked this license plate frame up for my, um, Oldsmobuick…


My 1999 Vette…not quite a classic but close…it has been driven across part of the US, raced at local tracks, has had some track time on Watkins Glen Raceway in NY and taken to 150mph (once)…always wanted a vette from my kid days.!


Close enough for me. :japanese_ogre: