The Crusher Carts


I really didn’t need another project, but if I can find a cost-effective way of getting this sprayed, I can’t say no - all it needs is graphics and I love graphics.


If it’s real beat up, it might be worth getting sprayed. I think it’s cool-looking as is. Sometimes it’s fun just to own the item in original condition. But you could also make it like an Engineering cart, like Geordi’s red PADD?


Please excuse the state of the house in the background; still rebuilding (will be saying this until some time circa 2029)

It’s in really good condition overall - the tray crack and the snapped corner are easilly fixible (being ABS I can solvent it back into place). My propmaker friends do have a large spraybooth… so I might go all the way on this one. It won’t be entirely accurate due to it being two trays, which means I’m less slavishly tied to recreating certain graphics etc.

I also picked up a pretty close tape cassette holder for £2 on eBay which I might stick on the sides.

Really thrilled about the serendipitous nature of this find - it’s exactly the kind of project I can do quickly and on the side.


Awesome find! Wild that they would just toss it out in the trash!


Great find! I have one in white and have been slowly designing graphics for it. Very slowly. I’ll be watching what you do with great interest!


yes discovery has same by with 3 sliders…

mmhhh i only see in the internet the version with 2 silders…


Wow, good catch in Disco. We clearly watch differently than other fans.


A new something to look for in the thrift stores. :laughing:



I just noticed that one of these appears on Regula I in TWOK (around 01:04:01)