The Doctor's Medical Instrument Tray


In prep for my move to California I’m finishing up a few projects that require use of maker space tools to which I won’t have access after I leave Boston. One of those is the VOY medical instrument tray, which requires use of a large acrylic line bender.

Note that there are two sizes of this prop. The long version is seen aboard the Prometheus and in a few other scenes on VOY. I opted to replicate the more common and more wieldy smaller version.

Based on holo imager parts that I have, here is what I’ve come up with for dimensions:

(units in inches)

If you want to make your own, here is the laser cutting profile. You should use 9mm acrylic.
instrument tray laser cut.dxf (35.5 KB)

This is what I’m using for angle bar:

And this mat

(which, incidentally, I believe was used to make ribbing on the riser for the VOY viewers.)

Here are some other reference pics:

Latent Image 14:28

Fury 08:03


And here is where I am so far.

I’ve bent the acrylic and cut the mat. I just need to cut down the angle stock and figure out how to attach it. The original appears to be using some weird pegs sticking off the side. I’m not sure what they are or why. Perhaps @hms will have some insight.


That tray is looking fantastic. It is one of the simple props that makes the medical props from Voyager just look so neat. Thanks for sharing the fusion files!


Looking good there, buddy! :wink: That will make for a nice way to display all those medical props.

I definitely plan on getting some of that ribbed mat for when I build myself a VOY Desktop Viewer.

Oh, and a thought on the hardware used to attach the metal handles. Perhaps small rivets of some sort?


I have spare rubber mat if you guys need some!


Very nicely done as usual Ryan!

Steve P


Looks great!


Maybe you already knew this but I just noticed that this tray pops up in TNG:

5x09 “A Matter of Time”

Was it used elsewhere as well?


Oh wow. I absolutely didn’t make that connection, so thanks! It seems that they’re using different angle stock on the TNG version, but it’s clearly the same prop concept.


I want that tray!


Same here! Never even realized it. Thanks for pointing that out, @EWilliams :wink: Does this mean I’m going to have to get two done up? One to display all the medical props from the Prometheus, and one for all those TNG props piled up together? :smile:


No seriously, I want that tray.



It would be pretty cool to recreate that array of props on the tray.

Makes me wonder how many spare visors Geordi has or is he really pissed and bumping into stuff during the final moments of that episode.


Haha, I know I’ve stared at that screencap several times since reading this tray thread and it never clicked until now. It’s such a great prop shot.
The angle stock does look thicker and narrower on the TNG version. The wider stock on the VOY versions would provide more gripping surface, certainly.
So is this 3 tray sizes/versions then? Or is this one the same as one of the two on VOY, just with different handles?


That’s entirely possible, as the TNG tray appears to be narrower like the one seen on the Prometheus. It’s very likely (as they did with so many things) they repurposed it for VOY and just changed the handles.


The handles are also attached from different sides of the plexi.


To me it looks like the VOY versions could have done both.

Handles on the inside - on the right the acrylic edge appears to overlap the handle:

Back edge of aluminum is just to the right of the front edge of the acrylic, which would not be possible with the aluminum mounted on the outside of the tray.

No acrylic edge visible behind the handle (lighting would contribute, but seems the acrylic edge should still be at least partially visible if it did pass behind the handle at the right side):

The handle seems to be mounted via machine screws threaded into the plastic:

What episode is this view from? On the left of the image I at first saw an outside grip mounted flush with the upper edge of the acrylic, but now I can see it being an inside mount overlapping the acrylic edge, so that’s a little confusing… However, if the shot tracks to the right it could be illuminating as here the right grip is just coming into view. There’s an edge visible in the middle right bound of the image - the black mat seems to continue beyond this edge. Is it the grip?


Insightful analysis, Ethan. I think you’re right that even the VOY tray appeared with the handles on both sides of the acrylic. I think they’re machine screws holding it in place in the “Latent Image” pics (though it oddly kind of just looks like small-diam. clear acrylic rods). But in the machine screw case the holes through the angle stock must be tapped, since there doesn’t seem to be any nuts or place. Since this is the episode in which the tray gets the best closeups, I’m going to try to match these shots in my own replica.

This is from “Extreme Risk” I unfortunately don’t have the time code for it accessible to me at the moment not the source material, but I should do so in a couple of weeks when I’m set up in my new place. It’s the scene toward the end of the episode where Janeway confronts B’Elanna about her use of the holodeck with the safety off.


Enterprise era tray.


Wow. These things sure got a lot of mileage. Good find, @Lt.Washburn!


Spotted in DS9 3x1 The Search, Part I.