The Green Klingon PADD


A short time ago I traded for a green acrylic Klingon PADD that looked to be of a screen used type but didn’t match what I could see in the movie at the time. In the movie you can see an obvious hole in it that is in a different location than mine.

This is the one I have.

And flipped.

A sceen cap of the one floating with an obvious hole.

A cropped and exposure adjusted shot.

A recent UK auction sold one of these that also didn’t have the hole and was also broken.

They compared it to an earlier scene where it is just lifting from the table.

Now that I can take HD screen caps I think the one I have is that one on the table. It looks to have a hole in the same spot as mine. Although that could be artifact, the edges tend to have a highlight which shows in the above screen shot, and there is something there in the following screen shot but not in the area shown above.

The rest of the possible tells look OK to me but that could be wishful thinking.


Thanks for sharing these excellent scans of the graphics, Scott. I am no expert on provenance or screen matching, but what you have there is certainly cool in any case.


My pleasure. I had the idea that the one auctioned in the UK could have been one that was dropped for the scenes when gravity gets restored and broken at that point, so I looked again and found that one is indeed filmed hitting the floor. It doesn’t break, but it also doesn’t appear to have any holes in it either so it could be the UK auctioned PADD.

The screens are not great but I think they do show that one without any holes. Here it is just about to hit the floor.

A moment later it’s horizontal and I don’t see a hole where the floating PADD has one, or a hole showing where mine is based on the shadow the PADD is casting.

I like this as it explains the existence of all three PADDs and all three appear as screen used.


An entirely compelling analysis. Seconded.


Amazing!! I’ve always loved the amount of research that goes into screen matching props. Would you ever consider parting with it? I’m looking to start a klingon collection. :smiley:


It’s one of the few items I have that are production made so I’ve no plans to let it go anytime soon and welcome aboard.


Someone (not me) already created this replica.
Not saying you should abandon it (if you didn’t finish the project), your should most definitely finish it when you can…