The latest progress at Ticonderoga


Keep Millin’ and Drillin’ Steve! Thanks for the update!


Brian Hudon just finished painting the top of the energizers yesterday.


Just noticed that is a dangerous spot where Brian is standing in the second photo.

If the M-5 gets a metaphorical bee in it’s multitronic bonnet, he’s toast.



Finney may be between those energizers, too. I hear he has a temper.


They look great. I went for a tour last summer and can’t wait to get back.


The Energizers are ready in time for Trekonderoga this weekend. Thank you Bian Hudon for the wonderful paint job, paint detail really makes them Pop! They have also Been working on Medusan habitat room off the main hallway as a new experience for the tour.


This winter after we shut down for the tour season we takle emergency manual monitor room above the energizers and finally the ceiling in engineering! Also have to take on the rest of the flashing blinking lights on Scotty’s work stations.



Did you guys finish those stations to the left of Spock’s station?


Yes, they are done. The Bridge is almost entirely enclosed. It’s very cool.


Since I’m pretty much crazy already, would looking at a Medusan make me less crazy?


Steve – DON’T LOOK!


I was thinking about you a few days ago. Escape From New York was on at like 2am…couldn’t sleep, totally watched it.:sunglasses:


Removed a great deal of material today on the helm viewer base. Next I have to put a 1/2 inch deep step all the way around the inner upper edge for the viewer main body to sit into. And do a quick clean up on all the side walls down in the well that you see in the piece to clean it up a little.


Mill, Mill, Mill, Mill, Mill, Mill, Mill, Mill, Mill, Mill, Mill, all those passes. R U getting those Popeye forearms from turning the crank on the bed…LOL.

Looks great Steve… :muscle:t3:


Looks great! I am curious about the 1/2" deep step; the original was only .193" deep. Are you making the hood higher to compensate? I want to make sure you are working off of the most current drawings. I know one of the older version had a 1/2" step but that was speculation and has since been corrected.


It will be exactly to the plans I didn’t have them down in my shop with me at the moment I sent this text. I was guesstimating 1/2 inch don’t worry, it will be right on to the plans. I will speak more literally in the future. LOL

Steve P.


10-4, just did not want to see it not be perfect after all of the work you are putting into it.


About 4 hours of stair stepping down in! The easiest part was keeping that big grin going the entire time!! fun project.


Sounds like a root canal…


Any updates on the scanner?