The latest progress at Ticonderoga


Working on the electrical wiring for it.


Also waiting for more aluminum stock to be delivered for the base box.


Aluminum wiring can really be a pita, these days it’s not so easy to come by. Did they give you an idea of when the aluminum wire will arrive? :wink:


Aluminum wiring ???


I think he meant to say "waiting for more aluminum to be delivered’.


I figured that’s what he meant I just put in the ??? to get attention to the post.


Hence the quote and my comment followed with a winky. :wink:


So I have Identified three episodes that you see the scope in motion. In it’s first apearence Friday’s Child you get to see the mechanism in its full glory. the panel doors open, the scope comes up and the doors shut as they fade to a commercial break. In Omega Glory the scope comes up but the two doors never move, they just statically stay open. Same thing in Spock’s Brain only the scope moves leading me to believe the door mechanism failed very early on.


The other episodes that show the scope rising are: “Who Mourns for Adonais”, “Mirror, Mirror” and "The Paradise Syndrome:


I must go investigate!


If I’m not mistaken I think the “Spocks Brain” footage is the same (reused) as “Friday’s Child”

Here is an animation I did based on my examination and study of footage from the series which is basically real-time:


So I looked at them all. Friday’s Child is the only episode that you see the doors in motion. It’s also the first episode in production order that you see this unit in motion. The door motor mechanism must have broken after the filming of this first scene. You never see the doors open or close again!


The other piece of the electrical circuit puzzle… We never see it being stowed away, I wonder if it had to be done by hand?


Yes, that is my thought as well (that it had to be retracted by hand).


I also agree with the “hand closing” guys… watching how it locks into place after that last “knuckle” at the end suggests the motor on its own could not push it out of position to draw it closed.


@tosgraphics - Great job on that animation, thanks for sharing! Seeing it like that, I’m inspired to try and build one from KINEX…that sounds like fun.