The Lincoln Enterprises Insignia Patches


So what’s the deal with the insignia patches sold by Star Trek Enterprises aka Lincoln Enterprises (75 cents) by Majel Roddenberry and Bjo Trimble in 1968? Thanks to @trekme for asking me info on this which in turn prompt me to open a thread. NOS is available from seller poptoys on eBay.

They are a nice replica of the original insignias used on the TOS Star Trek which were hand made at the time. They are 1st & 3rd season which I only see a difference in the science insignia having a thicker thread. Eventually these would be used for Star Trek Phase II. The backs are white with hint of yellow.

The first licensed copies of those above were in 1975. The company also produced several other Star Trek related patches on the same card. The gold was trimmed fast and is uneven.

After 1975 everyone started to release Star Trek Insignias even changing the mylar to gold thread.
The backs are different even from the same producers. Companies like The Federation Trading Post, Intergalactic Trading, Starpost, New Eye Studio to name a few. Paramount did not go after the copyright at the time. During the lead up to Star Trek TMP, Lincoln Enterprises use the same manufacturer the Studio did for the insignias which if compared to actual screen used look the same. That is were the rumour on “Original Insignias” probably started.

The Star Trek the Motion Picture Insignias as sold by Lincoln with the update copyright on the back in 1987. Unauthorized replicas shown second with thick thread.

In later years Lincoln aka Roddenberry contracted out Insignias from a licence holder.


Did Lincoln ever make an orange version of The Motion Picture patches in the skinny (vintage) thread? I have a set minus the orange and the early set is closest to the screen used patch.


You’d think that the other more perfect ones should be the ones used but no it’s the skinny thread ones that were.

No for the extra color, only five were sold.



Are those plastic or some kind of stamped metal?




Yeah the newer ones look too perfect.