The McCoy Gorkon Medical Scanner


“Jim, I don’t even know his anatomy.”

The scanner that McCoy uses on Chancellor Gorkon in STVI is strikingly similar to the TOS McCoy scanner, which @JoeB and @trekme have got me thinking about lately.

It appears to have the black acrylic flat bottom, sort of like the top of the obscure alternate hand scanner from TOS (on which I have been meaning to but haven’t yet done a thread)


It appears to have a clear domed-pipe piece at the tip, over a scanning head containing stacked rectangular LEDs. This would be tricky, but not impossible, to machine because you can’t directly mill interior right-angles. One would have to mill a sort of drop-in collar like on the TNG Mark VII medical hand scanners.

Does anybody have more info on this one? At this point, all I know is what we see on screen.

O'Brien's Directional Sonic Generator (Research)

Paging @jhusel ! I remember you mentioning in an email that Ed Miarecki made this?


He’s the reason I’m starting the thread, actually—we were recently talking about obscure props we’d like to make, and he mentioned this one, which has also been on my list. I’m hoping he’ll share some more info here as well. :slight_smile:


Hey fellas. I want to make this badly. I worked with Dennis before he fell off the face of the earth and we made some headway. I had a machinist friend of mine draw it up in AutoCAD but it never went any further. I still have the drawings and they were pretty complex. But it SHOULD be ready to plug in and go.

I don’t know how to upload the drawings since they are in a weird format. If anyone knows how to convert them into jpegs, I’ll email it to you to post here. This has been a Grail prop of mine and would LOVE to see this made!


Oh, cool. I didn’t realize the plans were fully worked out to the level of being ready to machine; I assumed you had just worked out the dimensions and exterior geometry. If the plans are ready to machine, there are a number of prototyping shops I know that could make us up such a design, and if they need some design changes, I’d be happy to work on a project here to get them ready. What format are your drawings in? Are they 2D or 3D designs? In any case, I’m sure we’ll be able to figure this one out. I love this prop, and ultimately it’s a pretty simple one.

These are the formats I can work with in my 3D software:

Alias files (.wire)
AutoCAD DWG files(
Autodesk Fusion 360 files (.f3d)
Autodesk Fusion 360 Drawing files (
Autodesk Fusion 360 Toolpath files (.cam360)
Autodesk Sim 360 files (
Autodesk Inventor files (.iam, .ipt)
Catia V5 files (
.CATProduct, .CATPart)
DXF files (
FBX files (
IGES files (.iges, .ige, .igs)
NX files (
OBJ files (
Parasolid Binary files (
Parasolid Text files (.x_t)
Pro/ENGINEER and Crea Parametric files (
.asm, .prt)
Pro/ENGINEER Granite files (
Pro/ENGINEER Neutral files (.neu)
Rhino files (
SAT/SMT files (*.sab, *.sat, *.smb, .smt)
SolidWorks files (
.prt, *.asm, *.sldprt, .sldasm)
STEP files (
.ste, *.step, .stp)
STL files (

If the format you have is one of these and it isn’t in the list of extensions you can upload to TFW, just let me know and I’ll add it. Ultimately, we need to get the format to STEP or IGES, as that’s what the CNC software will need to generate its CAM instructions.


I’m pretty sure it was a DWG file, but I can’t find it. I’m gonna try to track it down from my friend. Stay tuned!! :slight_smile:

I also have the graphic for the bottom drawn. I’ll post pics tomorrow.


Oh this is an awesome prop that I have always wanted…so glad this is being brought up again.


Cool. DWGs can’t be translated directly into CAM toolpaths, but I can take DWGs and manually translate them into 3D files that can.


Well this is neat project. The electronics for this scanner should be easy to build.


If you want to make us some electronics, I’ll happily send you a set of the metal parts. :smile:


How do we think the cylinder/dome thingie was made? It could be custom machined acrylic, but I have a feeling it may be some kind of plastic stock for model-making.


Sure! But, I will not promise sound. :smile:

It could be a small glass display cover. The larger version display covers that look like this dome is available at Michael’s Art Supply last I saw.


With a few exceptions (some tricorders), I’m actually not a huge fan of sound in prop replicas, so that suits me just fine. :smile:

My guess is they’d be reluctant to use thin glass in a fairly movement-heavy scene like that. I have one of those glass bell jars and they’re very fragile. Seems like flying shards of glass would make the underwriters unhappy. :wink: Maybe somebody makes plastic versions of those display jars, though.

EDIT: Indeed they do. Once we have a diameter, I’ll try to find a supplier and post here. This is a photo from pinterest from a dead eBay listing, but apparently they’re made at least.

Here is one candidate supplier.


Well there you go. No milling required :smile: Plus if needed, someone can cast it in clear resin, I suppose.


While on the subject, there was also this one later re-purposed into Checkov’s blood scanner.


Did it ever show up on screen in this form? I only remember it as the blood scanner.


No it didn’t as far as I know. I’m not sure if it was intended for STIV, or STV, but STV has that oddly shaped white one. I’ll need to ask about it again.


It looks like a cap from one of the older mini screwdriver sets.


I believe the 2 of the scanner in the person’s hand is the real deal. The others are a replica I think, even though I’ve never known of a replica to exist. And I included my drawing for the bottom


Ok, I found a free converter tool that put this to a PDF. Here are the dimensions Dennis and I came up with.STMiareckiScannerPlans.pdf (9.7 KB)