The McCoy Gorkon Medical Scanner


I would agree with both points.


Maybe Ed himself would still make them? Just sayin’


That would certainly suit me. :wink: Have you asked him, @jhusel?


I actually did and he said no. I can’t remember the reasoning, it was several years ago.


I was talking to Ed up at STNV three weeks ago. He has moved into a smaller house and there for a smaller shop area. I know he wants to be more selective with his work because he doesn’t have all the machines that he used to. I can understand that having a small shop myself.

Steve P


With how thin that bubble is, could it simply be some vacuum formed styrene or PETG?


No worries. Figuring out how to make it ourselves will be more fun. :slight_smile:


I thought about that. It is certainly possible. It is such a simple geometric shape that I just thought maybe it was using something already available.


thats a cool looking scanner


Maybe if Ed had an order of 10 or so he would reconsider.


Let’s go ahead and try to work out the details of this one anyway so we can have a community design. If Ed wants to do a run, I certainly have no objection, but that could be organized privately.


i like the way Zred thinks…


Thank you sir…just thought I would throw it in there.


Hi My name is Tom and I worked with Ed in 1990. There were two designs for this scanner both were almost identical, the LEDs in one were stepped and looked cooler but more difficult to make the pc boards so the straight one was chosen which was my design. Ed machined the entire thing from aluminum and the black is electrical tape. The top button lit up the LEDs and the bottom button lights up the display on the bottom.
There were 2 brass steams on either side of the LED on top which I made but are not present in the pictures above. The pictures with the hand are from Ed the others are not Ed’s. The dome was vacuum formed but I don’t remember if it was Styrene or PETG but I remember him doing it several times till he got one he liked.
I believe he can not reproduce these for sale because of the contract he had to sign.
The led section was multiple pieces layered with notched sections were the LEDs came through. I hope this information will help someone.


Hey Tom. This is awesome and excellent info. Welcome to the site!!


Happy to help. I had pictures of it and I will try to find them and post them.


Welcome aboard Tom. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos. Hope you find them.


Does anyone know if those are standard 2mm x 5mm rectangle led’s in this scanner.
Like the one’s used in the TNG medical snanner.


Hi , I’ve built a circuit using the standard size leds and it works fine . Since there are no real lengthy shots of it working , I used a bit of artistic license and have made them contra -rotating , meaning they go clock wise for one and anti clockwise for the other and then reversed , with five different rotational speeds , each circuit built from an ATiny 13 microprosessor. As soon as I get some shells and build it up , I’ll post pictures .


I would say yes. Looks to be 2x5mm LEDs to me.