The McCoy Gorkon Medical Scanner


Yes they were 2mm and 5mm LEDs


I have not found the pictures but whenever I look for anything I keep an eye open for them.


Anybody have any info on what those two push button switches are that Ed used.
You guys think that the replica switches seem close?


I think those are maybe the same Grayhill momentary push buttons used on the Crusher exosapel, just in red instead of black. I think I have a link to them in my thread on the prop. (Sorry, currently typing on my phone.)

They’re crazy expensive though, like $10. You can search for “M5 momentary push button” on eBay and find some cheap ePacket equivalents.


I’m thinking they could be the same RadioShack switches that SLK made his Boatswain’s Call to fit. I can’t dig it up though. I’ll see if I have any in the parts disaster.

Found a pack.


And now that I’m at my computer, here’s the cheapie China version.


Check out Miniatronics. They package switches for the Model Railroad (and other) hobbies.


Those switches in Ryan’s ebay link and what Scott pictured are the same as I used to use in my TOS scanners years ago.
I’ll mount them in my prototype and see how they look.
Thanks guys.


So when I blow up the picture of the production model pictured above, it seems to show an 1/8 " brass tube with a 1/16" brass rod right next to it on both sides at the top of the scanner part inside the plexi tube.
Anyone else see this or perhaps something different?


Looks like that, or perhaps an aluminum rod.


I see it too! Once you see it the hints of it becomes more obvious that something is there in the movie screencaps as well. The guy that worked on the original mentioned the brass in his post:


I am looking forward to this


I actually have a cast of that thing kicking around here.


The buttons were Radio Shack buttons as seen in Buddahald and can still be purchased from


Well, it took a while but I finally finished this thing.
Was one of the more challenging props for me but I think it turned out o.k.


It’s awesome!


AMAZING!!! I can’t wait. Great job bud


Really nice work, @Nicksdad!


Really nice piece of work , well executed !


Hooray, can’t wait!