The Naked Time Scanner


Instead of stealing pielocks old thread I thought I’d create my own , just giving a little info as well as photos of my version. I’ve had a bit of an issue lately , and that is my addiction to these hand held vacuums ! , so the late Greg Schnitzer found out that this was used in the naked time for literally half a second … but the prop was first discovered in a publicity photo. Now the prop itself is a handheld vacuum light made that was made by 2 manufacturers pilot star ( makers of the classic military flashlight ) , and equality. Now the debate has been about color … the body of the pilot star ones is grey … which I believe is the original color and they added the red to the battery cap/fins and top portion …


3d printer fins since I have no access to a laser cutter here are those photos of the original and from the episode imageimage


These are addictive…Working on 6 of these myself ! lol


And I thought I was addicted!! Lol


I seen your post on Facebook it is Awesome.


Thanks !



Wow, that is coming out fantastically!


Yeah … especially the moment when you are waiting. On the laser cutter and realize … why don’t I 3d print it ?!! I’ve had it a few months and haven’t touched it till that idea popped into my head


Very nicely done!


Thank you ! Means a lot coming from you !


Whaling them out today … primer sanding and final paint


This one came out stunning !


Ohh, that’s nice! Gotta cool down…

Wait, I thought it was supposed to be a vacuum, not a fan?


Yeah , that’s the wrong model … there are very similar ones including the fan one