The Orville Padd


ok lets talk about the Padd…

i have problems, to see the front view… does anyone have a better picture?


This is what I found on my HD, can’t remember where I got it.

Hope that helps.



Wow that is Awesome Dietrich.


Wow Hammer echt, was du für ein Sammelsurium haben musst, das ist echt unglaublich! Hätte ich wirklich gar nicht gedacht. Ich hatte auch mal damit angefangen alles mögliche was mal interessant sein könnte zu speichern, aber irgendwann, findet man sowieso nichts mehr.

I only show my impression about this in German


In the screen cap, the black piece at the bottom of the PADD appears to have several vertical parallel lines running through it.


Thanks 7seas,

if I recall correct I found these on the RPF. Well, I’ve got a few thousend pics on my HD, but I’ve got also a system where I can find every picture I’m looking for.



How did you do the screen?


I found these pictures in the internet. That is not my work, but if I would do it, I would create the graphic and print it on overhead-projector foil and than put the print between two layers of clear plexi.



Cool but simple effect, I like it-


@ pieces of frosted acrylic and as Dietrich has stated graphics in center. Bas is probably a book reader light.


I would say a reversed laser etching of the readout.


I think it’s a milk acrylic, and the graphic is just printed on a transparency. Looks to be a good 3/8" thick.
If you look at LED book reader light panels, the edges are barely lit; the surface stays transparent. The prop is mostly a consistent white glow throughout. The light is evenly diffused, not just lighting up the edge like those laser etched acrylic art pieces. The book reader is probably a good place to start, but the display has to be translucent white.
There’s also the possibility that the screen is hollow.


this ebay part is waste…i also had 2 of this which i wanted to use for a film project…

no… totaly padd…

no its same technique i made on the old beyond padd…no problem…


It needs to be light diffusing plastic. The problem is the thickness.


Hi–Just finished a Data pad design on 3D printer with 1/4 plexyglas screen. Files are on Thingiverse along with directions.


Here is my version
And also the prototype in back


very nice


Nice. All 3D?


what do u mean


Is this project a 3D print or scratch build?