The Orville wins big!


This is great news for Orville fans! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for season two, I hope
they can maintain the quality and integrity of the show for many seasons to come.


Quality and integrity? I guess I’m not seeing The Orville as anything other than a parody of the '90s Trek factory.


Love this show!!!


I agree, I find it simplistic and not in a good way that pokes fun and parodies its inspiration…its episodes feel somewhat like recycled trek stories with a comedic twist that falls flat most of the time…in my opinion lol


I’m with Tim on this. Most of season 1 was as good or better than TNG


Love the show.


Glad to hear this. Can’t wait for season two.


It is a fun show, liked it right away even though I haven’t seen all of season one yet. Glad to see it do well and continue and not move behind a pay wall :wink:


I thought season one was great. Really looking forward to season two!!


Love the show! Glad it got an award and can’t wait to see season two.


I enjoyed The Orville, it’s a big budget fan film and that’s cool enough I guess.

The problem I have with it is the same problem that I have with Discovery, which is that it’s steadfastly unoriginal.

The argument that The Orville is somehow valid because it’s free never seems to get old but I guess if you’re in the market for a blatant rip-off of Star Trek you’re probably right not to want to have to pay for it.


I hear you. I was fully prepared to dislike The Orville before it ever aired, I’m not a fan of most of Seth Meyers stuff, I was sure it was going to be a disaster.
I was immediately surprised and easily won over by the first episode…I guess I see any glaring similarities as an homage instead of a rip-off.
All I know for sure is that I haven’t seen anything on cable that has made me laugh so hard in a long time.
Latchcomb anyone? Brilliant!


I actually like The Orville, I shouldn’t be so hard on it. I just think it’s a minor effort that people are trying hard to make into a major effort as a way to criticize Discovery and that just doesn’t work for me.


Love the show and honestly the writing is better IMHO than STD! Glad it won an award.