TMP Clipboard Data PADD


Everyone knows about it; nobody’s seen it on screen.
Often talked about; never fully replicated (not that I’ve ever seen, anyway).

Here is my scratch built wedge data padd, complete with blinkies.
The paint is sloppy as hell, but from arm’s length, it will pass.
No, I did not make a mold of this one. :confused:


Absolutely beautiful!


Very nice indeed. great job.


I saw on facebook that you mentioned using an Arduino for the lights. Any particular reason you chose that method instead of something like a basic 5 count board? Looks like there’s a bit of variable speed in the blink rate, which looks cool.

Are there any particular tutorials/etc that you’d recommend?


Fabulous job!

It’s always nice to see a finished project though it would be especially appreciated here in TFW if you could share build photos and details of the project as it developed.


I always think about that, but sometimes my method is such a hot mess, I decide against it. :flushed:
I can tell you that it’s all styrene. I built the basic wedge, then attached the individual panels to the front. Krylon classic grey and I think I used Testors basic red. It runs off an Arduino Uno and 4 AAs.


I wanted to use conventional electronics, but I only know the extreme basics. I can’t grasp the math. Even wanted someone to make it for me, but no takers. Someone else suggested Arduino, so I looked into it. I love it. Try That’s where I learned. There is a tab for circuits as well as 3D. Also check YouTube. They even did a panel on it at the con I just attended.


By the way, this piece won a gold award at Wonderfest!! :grinning:


How did you do the text?


Chartpak dry transfer lettering.


You would certainly not be alone in this, so no need to be shy. Random hot-mess tinkering and puttering is the essence of the prop hobby, and certainly my own modus operandi. :slight_smile:

I’ve always loved this prop. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of an awesome build.