TNG desktop viewer sounds and/or graphics


The most sensible solution would probably be to just make every variation!

And the medical one too!



Agree - I think S5-7 was the peak of the Okuda style to me.


I can appreciate how the LCARS evolved over the years, but the early stuff I have more affection for. Hand-made, sometimes wonky. You can see more of craft in it.


OK, now here is another challenge for you guys. I need to find the “bridge power on” sound without any other background noise than the ship ambient. I’ve tried in “Data’s Day,” “Contagion,” and “Evolution,” all of which have the sound, but haven’t been able to find any instances without some other music or dialog. Can anyone else think of another situation where the sound occurs?

I want to use this for the sound to indicate when the viewer has come out of power-saving sleep mode.


For Bridge Power On do you mean when someone walks onto a dark bridge and all the lights and beeps and boops start doing their thing? Almost like a light-weight phaser firing?


Hmm, The Last Outpost? Disaster, maybe?


Sounds like this

I just need a cleaner version, or some other good sound that could indicate “power up.” In “Contagion,” they have a really loud bridge beep in the background that is interfering with my ability to clean up the audio.


Both good guesses. “The Last Outpost” has music overlaid, and Disaster (oddly) doesn’t have the sound at all.


Okay. What about Starship Mine?

Or, any licensed products? What about the Tech Manual CD-Rom? Were there any Sound FX CDs?


Hard to tell if this is just similar, or an altered version.


@norbauer, you mentioned earlier that the desk viewer changed from earlier to later. Are you only talking about the styling, and the battery box? Or do you mean that the shape/form of the viewer somehow changed, like with a re-sculpt?


re: SFX CD-- I have one, “Star Trek Original TV Series Sound Effects.” It has 69 tracks, including some that sound like they’re from “The Cage,” and some from the TV animated series. It’s ca. 1988. Amazon lists it as

It has some ‘clean’ button-pushes, but I quick scan didn’t hear any startup sounds.


I wonder if the Interactive Technical manual has the sound file? Though pulling it from the blu-ray might have better quality given the compression on most of the CD-ROM’s contents.


Yes, I believe the base has a slightly different shape in Season 1, somewhat flatter and with more of a flat edge along the side.


I never noticed that. Good spot.


@norbauer, I couldn’t figure out how to post it here, so I texted you a few sfx I recorded. Lemme know if that’s any help.


I think the sound would be in the following TNG episodes:

Time Squared
Cause and Effect
Unification (they power down to watch the junkyard)
Mind’s Eye (shuttle)




But the voyager desk viewer sound isn‘t the same as the TNG sound I think.





According to Roddenberry will release this prop as a, of course, licenced replica for sale. It was presented on the Star Trek Con in Las Vegas.

Here‘s the link:

And the facts:

  • 1:1 dimensions as the real prop (they 3d-scanned one of the survived originals they said)
  • machined out of a „solid piece“ of some kind of polymer (lots of myths in this statement imho)
  • very clean looking LCARS and illumination
  • the graphics seems not to be interchangeable
  • sound effects (never seen that activation sequence in the series?!)
  • 2500$
  • limited number of pieces

The finish looks a little too matte to me and the price is very „creative“ but its gonna be sold out in a short time for shure.

Your thoughts on this, folks?

Best regards, Ben