TNG desktop viewer sounds and/or graphics


It does look a little matte, but hopefully Ryan will post more info here and maybe some more background. I miss his build logs ever since he took up these licensed projects!

I imagine they’d have to mass produce a huge number (with different methods) to get the price down. Roddenberry is probably not the company to do that with. I just hope that all the information that was learned through this doesn’t stay proprietary forever. I can imagine some kits being made that are done in the same manner as the real props (fiberglass shells). That could bring the price down and open it up to a larger customer base (well, larger than 100!). :slight_smile:

Also, is this the end of the Desk Set? Because you can keep going with a Bodum mug set, styluses, PADDs, that tray with the decanter and glasses, etc.


This is one of the first of Ryan’s releases I think I’ve been around for - the end price is on the high side for the hobby but if you were to commission one of these as a hobby build - or even for a show - I think that price would be what you’d expect to pay, and as these are low volume and to some degree hand made, I think it’s entirely reasonable. Ryan has sweated the smallest of stuffs bringing these to life and to my eyes they’re exactly what I’d want from a TNG licensed prop - modern, high-end finishes and methods to bring the original concept to life in the real world, in the way the combination of design and camerawork did on the show.

Pleas, please do a Mk VII now :slight_smile:


The biggest disappointment, to me, is the screen. Of all the screens that could have been chosen - a duty roster would have been my last choice.


So question is: can the screen layout be replaced?

I‘m not a big fan of price bashing. I sold some stuff myself and was lucky with my income. Therefore I also know what some people are willing to pay for this type of items.
But to be honest: personally I have the impression that takes advantage of this fact. I wouldn‘t be surprised if they would put a 10.000$ tag on this viewer.

Its nothing against anyone on here who were working on this project!