TNG-era Hypospray Evolution


Interesting info from Rick Sternbach’s facebook-
And as a little break from Space Force, here’s a recently cleaned-up image of one of the very early hypospray concepts for TNG, drawn up in 1987 (31 years ago!), when we didn’t have scanners or decent color inkjet printers or easy access to color photocopiers or even regular photocopiers. But luckily I did have Kodachrome in my Nikon F2. This hypo has a bit of lineage with the TOS two-handed widget with colored fluid ampules, but that all changed with the producer directive to make things smaller and sleeker, and that’s when my albuterol inhaler made a ding go off in my head, and that’s how Dr. Crusher started jabbing drugs into people’s necks. :smiley: This in-line version became a fluid extractor.