TNG Era Uniform Analysis


I stumbled across this site mentioned in a Facebook post. This analysis is loaded with information on TNG-era uniforms, and it looks as though there’s more to come on subsequent series.



Thank you for the link. It’s Bad Wolf Costumes at a new site. I read through their whole exhaustive DS9/VOY/ENT uniform analysis at their old site. I’m mostly through this one. It really is an amazing amount of detailed and insightful work. I’m not likely to ever make a costume, but I loved reading it.


It is very impressive and very nicely done. I won’t ever use it unless they come up with a TOS one, but I know there are many who will.


This detailed breakdown is amazing! Totally my kind of obsessive detail analysis, photo collection and info organizing.


Wow! Looks like this person has already done this style of analysis to a bunch of costume and uniforms already-

Check out the list on the side bar for everything they’ve dissected.


Amazingnew analysis from Bad Wolf COstumes for the TNG Skant-

and detail examination of a screen used SKant-




Given that the price is the same, I’m assuming these are Anovos. If so, I can vouch that these are amazing. I saw them in person today and the sparkly spandex is just perfect, just like screen-used early-season garments that I’ve seen in person at the Seattle museum. They were so cool I almost thought about getting one, but I knew I’d be too embarrassed ever to wear it.


Ryan do these have the built in half panty shown in the screen used tour video above?


Oh stop, if you like it, GET IT!


Another couple great articles-


I’ve no problem wearing a kilt, but the skant always looked like cross dressing to me.