TNG Exoscalpel / Laser Scalpel / Suture


After its last couple appearances as an engineering tool, the newer exoscalpel reappears as a tool that Bashir uses to lance/remove O’brien’s cyst :anguished:

4x16 - “Bar Association”


I just noticed there’s a fantastic closeup of the back end of the TNG exoscalpel in “Cause and Effect.” It apparently spent some time in the big Medkit.

So there’s more of a groove near the end cap than we previously could see. When I built mine I added chrome tape next to a small groove - it should actually have chrome tape recessed into a larger groove.


I know it’s just a prop, but for a precision surgical instrument it needs to be more like a Dremel tool or a soldering iron-- or a pencil. Something that can be used in close, single-handed, and allow the fingers to do what they do best-- exert precision control!

The picture of the doctor slicing open someone’s stomach shows just how bad a design it is-- two hands to control! Give me an old-fashioned scalpel! An Exacto #11 or #22 blade! Even a single-edged razor blade!

–Paul E Musselman


Maybe she was using two hands because it was Worf, and she knew if she messed it up he would head-butt her into the Gamma Quadrant!


Just wanted to show some pictures of the Exoscalpel / Laser Scalpel that I just completed. This was made from the 3D .stl files that Mr. Williams was kind enough to provide. This laser scalpel prop is a “Hero” version and the acrylic rod lights up in red when the switch is pushed. This is the Exoscalpel / Laser Scalpel version used by Dr. Crusher in The Next Generation.


What materials have you used?


Nicely done.


Very nicely done.


You did a really fantastic job with that, Jean-Marc!


How did you get that finish?


Hello Captain Canuck,
The paints used were Krylon Dove Gray 1605 and Krylon Smoke Gray 1608. No clear finish was added.