TOS Brandy Glasses -- limited edition from


Shiny paint lolf. there is some new paint that I have seen for painting frames etc. I will post it for you. shiny no drip mettalic


If these are too hard to find or too expensive, perhaps a bottle with a similar size and shape can be found. Then the top can be cut off using the method people use to cut beer bottle. And the top can be 3D printed or lathed.


Trust me: they are like hen’s teeth…


Dave, I am in the process of looking for a paint to restore mine as well…can you post a pic of what you used.

I don’t know how the hell @dave found all these bottles, I search just about every day and they just don’t turn up. It must have taken him forever (I’m just glad he was willing to part with a few).


Here is what I used. I found that without a primer the paints just didn’t adhesr that well. It’s my hope that self etching primer maybe grabbed into the glass. I tried the rustoleum. it’s pretty close. The Valspar I felt was closer .

I suggest testing on a bottle of wine first. Drink the wine try the paint and then decide!


I’m the happy new owner of one of the said bottles and I’m loving it as is. 1949 label and in great shape! This baby will never be altered.

I’m experiencing the photo 90 degree shift with these I took on my Nikon…

Odd that all these photos I’m posting from the same camera at the same time, some rotate 90 degrees and some don’t.


Nice!! If mine was in that good a shape wouldnt have altered either. Gold was heavily worn off


Many years of searching…thats how i found them.


Mine is worn mostly at the thick part of the neck at the very top of the bottle. The ribbed portion is in pretty good shape, I will probably just paint that top piece and try to antique it to match.


I love the “after the drunken party in Kirk’s quarters” photo of them :slight_smile:


I was under the impression form earlier in the thread that the bottle was a 1955 holiday decanter.

But if it has a 1949 liquor tax label on it, it seems pretty compellingly proven it is 1949 or earlier in vintage (pun noted).


Well, made in “FALL 1949” and bottled in “FALL 1955” which is pretty much the minimum ageing for whiskey.


Ah… gotcha.


Kentucky Tavern offered different “holiday” decanters in different years. The TREK decanter is from 1955. It would be fun to know whose liquor cabinet it came from – maybe Irving Feinberg?


I’ll drink to that! Any more bottles lying around Dave?


No more for the moment… :slight_smile:



Have it replated… it couldn’t cost much at all… Paint is NOT the way to go!!


what kind of place would replate it?


I think I’m going to leave mine as it is (I like the aged look it has) but If I were to redo the gold someday, I would use a gold leaf kit like the one Adam Savage is using in this video.
He starts the leafing process at about 3:20


Love everything but the price…;(
Unless they are not “Hencho En Chine” if you get the drift…