TOS Equipment Belt


Hi everyone. Does anyone know who makes a good tan suede phaser belt or where to get the chevron piping/ribbon that goes on the edge of it? I’ve tried etsy but the only person that makes the belt out of suede doesn’t have the correct piping. And I’m not sure who I got this picture from but thank you!



It appears that Anovos may be coming out with one.

Edit: Here’s all I could find from them about it…


That’s great! Thank you!!!


Thanks jwfoust. I contacted Anovos but he’s only accepting pre-orders at the convention, like you said. I wish he would take a pre-order now through his site. I’m in Canada and I’m not able to make it to Vegas unfortunately. :frowning:




$75. Good price.


Took some photos of it in case any one was interested.


Thank you for the pics JDFroehlich! Now I want one even more! Ugh, I wish I could go to Vegas…:confused:


That is a good price. The only problem is that Anovos will take a lifetime to deliver these little gems. In other words, don’t hold your breath waiting to get yours. And yes I’ll order one (and wait).


The great part of Chinese Made leather goods is the Leather is almost always American-Grown and processed over there. In the end a nice partnership of materials and labor.