TOS Galileo 7 Engineering Tool


I’ve always loved the episode “The Galileo 7”. After getting the phaser drainer prop from Gaston I decided I would build the obscure green/yellow tube like prop also seen on the floor while Scotty was working. I believe this piece also was shown in later episodes.

I made the prop out of PVC pipe and spare parts I had laying around.

We never saw a good shot of the front so that left me creative license to do what I wanted.

I decided to make the end cap removable with the idea it could change the function depending on the need.

My Galileo 7 set.

Love to hear thoughts. Good or bad.


Love it, Larry! Wonderful!


I think it’s a really cool prop…
Very Creative


Obscure engineering and medical props are my favorite–as is that episode! This is most excellent, Larry. :slight_smile:


Very nice! Can you take a couple more pictures at different angles on that scope viewer thingy. I would love to build one of those. Larry looking forward to meeting you at the STC gathering.



Here you go Steve.









Cool , thank you!


great picture,looks reealy good work)


A little bummed that the images are missing from this thread, was just looking into this obscure tool.


Agreed, Photo-suckit has really ruined build threads and how-to’s etc throughout the interwebs!


You can private message the original poster, asking them to edit their post with images uploaded to the board.


Earth to Larry: can you repost your original images?


Repaired the pics in the first post.


Thanks Larry, seeing it now kinda reminds me of one of dads old duck calls.


Larry, thank you! I appreciate the repost.


Yes ! thank you.


Thank You Larry