TOS Main Bridge Color Scheme


Hoping to get some help with paint colors for a TOS bridge model I am designing and 3d printing. Can anyone recommend some paint colors or swatches? I have tried several on my own but have not been happy with the results.

The only one I have nailed down is gravity by valspar, off a video by Vic Mignongna from Star Trek Continues. He said that’s the grey color of the Captains Chair.



I don’t actually know the answer, but… What is your preference for look? Do you want it to look how it did on television taking into account studio lighting and film-stock and whatnot? Or do you want the closest to the real in-person paint color? Given that grey is especially susceptible to color-shifting based on these variables, real might not look right.

My preference is usually to find the real-world answer. As far as that is concerned, the best reference would be the command chair and helm in the Seattle museum. I don’t know if they are all in original paint, but given how banged up they are, I might assume so. At least one person who posts here, @tosgraphics , was part of a group that examined and fixed up the set pieces for display. I would be very surprised if they didn’t take the opportunity to compare their paintwork to modern paint chips. As the other issue is that usually vintage paints are no longer available, of course.

So, maybe he’ll chime in with some ideas. You can at least get the grey, black, and red/orange off those surviving pieces.


Actually I sent Dan a PM regarding the colors. This questions comes up often and I did indeed match the colors on the original helm console which was very interesting not only because of how it appeared in natural light but also because of the over-spray left behind on the inside from when it was “The Cage” color. I tried to match it to commonly available colors so that it would be easy for anyone to get the correct colors. In the interest of providing accurate information to my TFW friends, here for the first time publicly are the colors my team and I matched to the original helm.


Wow, so is macao orange not what was used? Your match is very red.


Hey! Thanks man!


Yes, the macao orange is a myth.


This is very cool. Do you have a couple of pics of the original helm colors in natural light that you could post? It would be great to see the actual paint up close in natural light.


Don’t trust me??? lol

We actually examined the console in 3 different lighting conditions. First was in the vault with other Star Trek treasures laying around in their boxes which honestly was an almost overwhelming, surreal experience. This was under florescent lights. We matched the console using multiple samples from multiple manufacturers and came up with several matches. I personally had paint samples mixed of all of the matches and painted them on sample boards. When we next examined the helm was for test fitting the parts at which time we matched the color sample boards with the actual colors on the helm. This was under a combination of natural light and incandescent lighting and we picked the colors that were perfect matches to those on the console. The last time I worked on the helm was in the display case at the museum which was rather dark but the colors still look right even under the work lights that we rigged up. Unlike the captain’s chair which obviously has been repainted a different color after the show ended; the helm console was obviously the original colors as you could see multiple coats (all the same color) down to the wood where is was chipped and banged up. It appears that the helm was repainted at the beginning of each season based on the number of coats of paints. Here is a photo of the console as we were matching; clearly showing the colors.


Thank you very much this is very exciting.


Very happy to help.


Yeah, never believed that one…sorry .
That means
the Saurian Brandy bottles that everyone painted in the same color are not screen accurate as well…


Interestingly, the generally accepted color for this on the boards years back was Krylon Banner Red. Here it is:

Looks like a pretty close match to my eyes…


Thanks for that tidbit, I was going to ask. Were you able to take the seat out and look at the insides, to check for overspray on it?

Also, do you have an opinion on whether the walls would have been painted the same grey as the helm?


Just for fun, here’s a comparison between Sherwin Williams Online and the Valspar Gravity mentioned above.


We didn’t have the time but Vic and I (who was with me when we compared the sample boards to the original console) talked about repainting the sets to match these colors. As you can see above, the gray (and the other colors) were somewhat different.


The Banner Red looks a little too bright but It might be interesting to match physical samples of the Krylon paint with the SW color to see how close they are. You cannot really tell on a computer monitor.


Are the current helm and command chair at the set tour done in these colors?


The colors were provided to James last year but I’m not sure if they were ever painted these colors or not.


Wasn’t the bridge more a red/orange in the first two seasons, though?

It was never as orange as “Macao Orange”, but it definitely seemed like it has more orange than the third season red color.


I think the difference we see was because of the film stock and color correction. Through all of the paint layers on the console; they were all the same red.