TOS Main Bridge Color Scheme


Interesting, thanks for sharing!


Still though…if the red shirts are a known red, how do we explain this? Not arguing, not disputing the finds. Just genuine curiosity.


the console actually looks a different color than the railing and trim on the consoles


I mean, if everything on the bridge was a deep red, the only thing beyond film and color correction that could make it appear orange would be stage lighting with a yellow cast. But wouldn’t all of these things make the red tops and dresses look orange as well?


The color will not be had until something turns up. I’m sure the exact color would be surprising. Until then, it the next best thing.


Perhaps the uniforms look darker because of the texture of the velour fabric creating tiny shadows that make it appear darker than a smooth surface. It’s all conjecture on that front; I can only confirm that the original paint down to the “Cage” color was entirely the same red. Any differences appearing on screen will have to be explained other than the console was painted a different color but you can believe what you want; I’m just reporting the facts as I witnessed myself along with my team who can confirm what I am reporting here.


I know, that’s why I find it so confusing. Again, I have no doubt of your finds. Just wish it all made sense.


Now that we know the true color of the helm, then we know that its red look in the reference image above is not due to some weird trick of light and film; it actually is red. So the orange railings must be a different paint.


The bridge railings and outer station and upper bridge level console trim certainly appears to be more on the orange side than the red colored helm/nav console recently studied and restored.


I think the differences are due to lighting in that above shot. The helm color is a bit brighter in the center (below the alert light), than what we see directly below the helmsman. Also the railing next to Kirk looks very close to the overall helm color. The brighter orange railing most likely has the light hitting it more directly.

With regards to film there was a new Kodak stock released in 1968 which was used third season, giving those episodes a different look than the previous seasons.


I was reading the Datin book about building the models, and there was discussion about the differences in not just color but composition of paint types from the 60’s vs. today. What kind of paint would the set paint have been?