Tos padd


I’ve never seen the original – anywhere. Likely it was a prop that just walked away.

Nor has the actual small card reader turned up in any TOS original prop collections (that I’m aware of.)

My TOS logbook was built by KennyD (may he rest in piece) and was used in virtually every episode of “Star Trek Continues”

STC Lolani 023



Thanks, Dave.


@7seas - That’s looks awesome, I love it! Nice work …kind of a blend of old and new with the screen, cool.


and now i have also all signatures on…


no bezels


Perfect, Carl. Thanks


ask… but he white ones too


I’m not sure if this is the best thread to ask, but does anyone have any tips or advice on making the TOS PADD stylus?


Necro thread, but I wasn’t reading this board 3 years ago. So, I am going to tackle this project as it seems fairly uncomplicated. The slate opening is 6 x 6.75 inches, while most of the magic slates I’ve seen are < 6" wide. Is there something I’m missing here?


I’m thinking about using one of these as the screen. I’ve been searching for a gray one to no avail.


Curious, why not just use a vintage magic slate like the originals.


I probably will in the end. I will put in the magic slate but will always be on the lookout for a similar looking digital screen.
It’s against the purist in me but I think it would be cool.:slightly_smiling_face:


Those e-ink drawing boards are fascinating devices. The first time I played with one in a store my mind instantly went to the TOS logbook as well :slight_smile: The problem is the colors are usually reversed from those of a magic slate - drawn lines are light on a dark background with the e-ink instead of the inverse. Would be cool to find one with the proper look.


So, how DID you add the magic slate? I’m putting one together from scratch and at the point I need to cut the hole in the middle to make room for the writing surface. The slate I am using has cardboard behind it but not strong enough to support any writing so it can not be glued behind the opening without something backing it. Not QUITE sure how to do this.


Are there any pictures of the TOSPADD showing writing on it? Or are we just assuming they actually wrote something on it?

And how does it get erased? Or is the lift-off-cover cut small enough to fit through the frame?

–Paul E Musselman


I have this one from another thread.


That e-ink device would look great i. there! It’ll look way more futurist than the grey magic slate while also bold and retro.

Can’t wait to see the final result.


It does look like a modern writing screen at a checkout stand.


Sony and reMarkable have digital paper systems that are e-ink tablets with dark text on light background. They look the closest to the magic slate used, but are on the pricey side.

Sony introduced a 10" version this year.

They are both available at Amazon.

On the other hand perhaps re purposing an Kindle or the like would do just as well, but with out the pin input of course.