TOS Phaser Laser Conversions


A number of persons at Trekconderoga (May 2016) wanted to see how I “artistically” enhance a TOS phaser. Next time I come up I’ll bring one along with an ArtAsylum shell. I’ve tried to “enhance” the Rod’s, Wands and, MR’s, however the shells are simply too thick. I reuse just the shells so in the end, I feel like the choice of shell is not all that important so long as the product is functional and “enhanced” on a licensed platform. As for my artistic enhancements, I think I’m exercising my rights as an artist under the first amendment…so don’t go there…I was born and raised in Boston by rebels and we start revolutions…LOL

A 3 watt Phaser, Shore Leave Episode Grey

A 6 watt Phaser, Rod Grey

What they can cost when I weed my vast collection

To conclude, I never do “run’s” and nearly never “build-to-order”. I get those two questions a lot. This is a hobby and passion and I know it won’t stay casual if I try to make it a business. Art is art…I’m intent on keeping it that way.


John-Paul,you did a fantastic job putting a laser in my protoplaser,after that other guy made a balls up…its now on display and looks great with Mccoys tools)
Very neat work,and great ballest idea to feel better in the hand man.


Hi Jonpaul, I have modified an MR Assault Phaser, several Phasers, the TOS by DST and built in lasers during construction of several Stapleton TNG-era phasers. You will find several builds on this site and on You Tube. I welcome you to take a look.


Cool Bill, will check out…


Hey Bill, seems the link you pasted-in is a link to my video list…LOL.
Send me the link for “you” so I can take a gander…



Also try searching for Syfypropmaker on youtube……that would be me.


Found You. Noticed synchronized fire. I stopped doing that as the 3,000 and 7,000 mw lasers don’t burn all that well with the AVQ425’s. Decided to use “finger” action instead.
ON the MR conversion, did you convert the flashlight-magazine/P1-underlight and, magazine loading sounds, as well? How many watts in that laser???


My MR conversion used the AVQ and replaced the factory LED with laser. The LED was not “modulated” so the beam is solid with no pulsing. The AVQ relay allowed me to use 2 different voltages-4.5v for the phaser electronics and 3.7v for the laser diode. All the rest of the features you mentioned work as designed from the factory. The laser I used was the M-140 445nw diode with the 405-G-2 lens putting out approximately 800mW t0 1 watt. Attached is a short build up presentation I did for my MR phaser.



MR Assault Phaser Mods PDF.pdf (2.23 MB)


I read the PDF you sent and understand what you did. Very cool. The conversions I do change the magazine to a 12 volt 1800mAh system to power everything. Laser is 3 or 6 watts (3,000mw to 6,000mw). Rather big lasers, but the buying market loves to burn stuff and have bragging rights (aka bigger dick). All light and sound FX are retained as in your design conversion. The primary differences were;

No AVQ425 relay as entire system runs on 12 volts 1800mAh,
3,000mw (3 watt) or 6000mw (6 watt) 445nm blue laser provided (Owner’s choice),
Use of three dedicated miniature drivers for; (1) magazine light, (2) sound FX system, (3) Laser system,
Magazine modified for three 4V LiOn cells, removable for charging and/or storage/ and-or fast changes,
Magazine kill switch for storage with Lion cells in-place,
Nozzle reamed for perfect concentricity,
Nozzle clear poly finish stripped inside and out to insure heat-sinking and external dissipation,
Laser module set in thermal compound and secured with M2 (about 0.0900" diameter) screw,

In the big 6 watt models I offer “active cooling” with an internal nickle size digital fan that spins during laser fire.


My MR Assault phaser generates a steady beam, whereas other units I have built modulate the beam. Most of my builds are around a watt output. Do use Laser Safety goggles during your builds?
Those are some high output lasers you are using. I pretty much stick to the max of 2-3watts output to get the “look”, not to burn although I have been tempted to go higher. Although most lasers nowadays will burn pretty good. I have sold a few of my eariler builds to members on another website, but I am careful as to who I sell to as best as possible.


Sage advice. I love them but they are an eye hazard and need be taken seriously.


Here comes the college Professor in me:

Before I retired a large part of my design firms practice was designing hospital and outpatient medical facilities (not doctor’s offices). I have never met, nor heard of, from a reliable source, of any person who has had lasting-temporary or actual-permanent eye damage from a laser diode. With that said I will speak to the “Laser Bogeyman”;

I do have goggles that I use when I test an focus. This is an eye fatigue issue mostly. These are laser diodes, very different than “real lasers” as it were. Real lasers (PTP, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Synthetic long-crystal, and so on) produce coherent stacked waves of light. One example to contrast a laser to a laser-diode is cutting ability; a real laser can cut clear material, a laser diode generally can not.

Carbon Dioxide lasers (the standard for laser surgery) being a “Real Gas Laser” obliviates (vaporizes) human tissue as it cuts, whether clear, pigmented, or translucent, human tissue. They cut and cut fast. Very dangerous without goggles.

Gas lasers are the standard for; cutting, obliviating, and welding just about everything. Small laser diode engraving and cutting machines are more of a novelty than anything else. They are too slow and clumsy to out-perform most mechanical cutters. I just purchased a new vertical mill and new horizontal mill for my model studio. I passed on laser tech as a real CO gas laser cutting system starts at about $60,000.00.

In closing, and to answer the actual question posed, I have shot myself, at point blank range “in the eye” without goggles, on several occasions (no, not on purpose…). The lasers were as high as 6,000mw (6 watts). Why am I not blind? Should I not at least have a leaky eye or a new blind-spot? The good news is I am just fine and so are my eyes.

Here’s the deal; our eyes do not like bright light (try looking directly into the sun) nor dust for that matter. The eye has an “eyelid” and multiple “muscular systems” that are autonomic. These interlocked systems protect the retina and cornea from damage of all sorts. When I shot myself by accident my eye; rotated away from the light source, the iris closed, the eyelid closed, and my retinal rods and cones produced an enzyme to protect themselves (this enzyme is often referred to as “seeing spots” of the color opposite bright light seen, aka yellow for a blue laser).

My eye would have to get anesthetized to make the protection systems inoperative before a laser diode could do any real damage.

I’m not advocating any irresponsible action like selling 6 watt lasers to kids. But I do think understanding the real facts and risks are valuable. In the end the number of lost-eyes to debris that flies of “drill presses” and “cordless drills” represents the real-and-present danger to DIY guys of all kinds. If we are all going to value our eyes let us all first put on “ordinary” safety glasses when we work. This is a risk OSHA actually tracks.

I propose that more persons may have gone blind in one eye by “missing their mouth” while eating at Denny’s and “sticking their Fork in their eye” than are blind from a laser diode…See you all at Denny’s!! p.s. don’t shoot yourself in the eye to check my facts and, stick with dull forks??? Safety first.


Oh, now I’m blushing LOL