TOS phaser rifle length


Does anyone know the overall length of the phaser rifle? The attached photo mentions the case being 34 inches long. If you allow for the case sides and foam that would roughly make it 33"ish. The drawing I’m working on looks very good, proportionally but is longer than 34". Any help, either posted here or in a pm would be appreciated. Thanks


Joe, the HMS replica is 35 inches long. If the box dimensions are accurate it appears their replica is also a little too long.

Just goes to show… however big you think a prop is it’s probably a little smaller than that.


Thanks Larry.


Does anyone have a measurement of the Ron Shanko rifle? I’d be interested to see how it compares as well…


Shanko: Body 20-7/8" excluding handle, Overall with dish and handle 34-3/4".

Below…Inaccurate details on Rodd rifle noted; (a) on butt-stock view port detail wrong, (b) dish has grooves added, (d) emitter, (e) eye-cup / view-port metal not accurate, aka when compared to Julien’s Auction Catalog.



You know, I’m realizing for the first time that Voyager’s compression rifle was probably meant to evoke this prop.


Thanks jonpaul0151 for the measurements and the photos. :grinning: