"Transfigurations" MT plug-in


I’m pretty sure this weird little plugin only appears in one episode - and for all of 10 seconds - but it’s Tricorder-related, so I have a need to get involved.

It slots into the scanner pocket and contains two little plant-on face greeblies:

I think these went on to become the headband version of the cortical stimulator.

A Japanese collector has a good set of reference images of the original:

I decided to make use of having lots of 3D printers at my last job and model this up quickly - I’ve only ever used SketchUp and it’s not great with curves for the most part, so this wasn’t exactly easy! I note on the original it has flat sides rather than the curved edges of the Mk VII so I was more than happy to copy that rather than try to design something that looked like an organic extension of the very rounded Mk VII (you can see that the original wasn’t exactly the best fit).

I put my MT in my scanner in order to pull the dims and crucially match the top curve of the MP section…

…and a few hours in SketchUp later I had this:

I then gave this to our concept artist who actually knows how to set a file up for printing, and about 24 hours later it was done:

This ended up being about 1mm too big to fit in the scanner pocket, which meant lots of sanding (not sure what it was printed in… but this took a while). I’ve got the majority of lines out of it, but I think i need to hit it with some filler primer, or, worst case, some actual filler (I hate filling). I also sanded in a radius to the side sections, and I’m pleased to report that mine lines up as badly as the original :slight_smile:

The next step (other than filling) is to insert a magnet into the scanner section to align with the magnet already in the Stapleton tric to hold the scanner in place, and do the plant-on sections from styrene. I’ll probably do these by hand rather than get them laser cut.

After that, I’ll move onto the stimulators (or synchronisers as they function in the ep). Not sure how they were stored - it looks like Gates really pushes the plugin into the MT body and then has to hold it in place to get the synchronisers out. I’m guessing they were friction fit which probably isn’t sustainable for a display piece so I need to work something out - maybe some foam pads as per the satchel medkit. Don’t want to get too involved with magnets as I don’t want to hollow out the lower section too much - if something goes wrong with that, it’ll be no fun filling in down there.

Does anyone have any ref/info on this thing?


I have these photos saved on my phone but cannot remember where they are from, but show some nice details. If anybody can lay claim to the photos please let me know so that I can properly credit them or remove if required. I seem to remember a story about this piece being a found item, namely a travel shaver. Can anybody confirm or dispell that belief? I have been debating making one of these up myself, so I’m looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!


Thanks for that - that’s interesting. They’ve really nailed the curvature of the piece if that’s a replica!

Mine looks a bit thick on the lower section because of the lower arch in the body piece - bit annoying…


If I may criticise, and you know I am a fan of your work so I do so only in the interests of progress, your sides also apear too flat. However it may look right once you have the plant ons done. Also, the radius that you have on the edges looks like it need to be slightly larger. Again, please don’t take offence, just sharing my thoughts and observations!


Yours may not be too thick on the lower section as you have suggested, I think the forward section may need to be a tad longer which would balance out the proportions.


Definitely agree on the corner radius - urrrgh. That’ll be a lot of sanding…

Edit: I think the stapelton MP corners are quite a lot less rounded than the original props? I think that’s throwing me a bit too.


Do you know what Evergreen that is on the addon? I have some ribbed offcuts but I think it’s the thicker stuff.


I don’t know, but… looking at your pictures of the original piece, it does look thicker, but at other angles it looks like the thin stuff that has curled slightly at the edges thus appearing thicker. Looking at one of the pictures I put up, and comparing the plant-ons to the small white greebly on the side of the MT head, they look about the same, and about right.

I agree, the originals were more “balloon” like in their curves, likely because they were vac formed, but the Stappleton body has an air of refinement that I like.




I can tell you a bit about those. The photos starting at post 2 are mostly all mine save the tan casting and are showing one of two I painted that came from Mike Moore as raw castings. The two photos that show one in the raw dark grey castings next to a MkVI med top were to highlight how it appears it was originally made to fit the MkVI and altered to fit the MkVII based on the faint line.

Up until talking with Mike on June 3rd, I had no idea about the two little bits that fit in the pockets. Mike said these were attached by thin wire/cords(I don’t know) that were wound up on a spool inside the insert piece with the gold mylar tape.


Thanks @Buddahaid for that insight on the two pieces from inside, and I hope you didn’t mind my posting up pictures of your work. Did Mike offer up any insight into whether this was originally made or cast from a found item?


I think this item is in the facebook video of Mike’s talk from the recent prop party. I don’t know if that video was archived and still available, however.


Yunno how it fits really weirdly on the Mk VII? Is there a chance it was originally sculpted for a VI? The flatness of the sides makes me think that, and the curves seem like they might fit a VI MT better?

Edit - ha, just saw Buddahaid’s post. Ignore me (but pleased the theory makes sense)


Yes, it does come up in that video, though I unfortunately don’t know the timecode, and it’s a long video. :blush: The videos are here:


I had a few hours to spare today so I made some headway with this - this material is a bear to sand so to have it as smooth as I do currently is actually a minor miracle!

I drew up the plant-ons in Illustrator, printed them out and stuck them onto the styrene - much better than trying to plot by hand, even for the straight bits. Learned a lot about finishing + clearcoating between this and the Tric build, consequently this has a better paint finish than the Tric, which is a bit annoying.

I also drew up the head… things in AI for lasering out - amazingly there’s quite a few good head on shots for the shapes on these. Still thinking little foam pads for a friction fit.

Next - dremel out a hollow in the cylinder section for a magnet to line up with the one in Stapleton’s VII, fill + wrap with a sticker as per the original. Gone with a satin vinyl because the mirror stuff up there doesn’t look the best…


The laser cut pieces for the face plant-ons arrived today. I’ll call them cortical stimulators as I guess that’s how they’re best known.

A really fun, simple little build. In Transfigurations they look slightly more blue-grey than the tric so I used a mid-grey to differentiate it (the same two shades of grey on the props is getting a bit dull).

I added the magnet to the cylinder of the plugin so now it locks into the Stapleton head.


Damn that’s beautiful!


Nicely done.


This makes me want to start up another Stapleton build…