Trek Auction Database down - back up now


The database isn’t accessible for me. Should we be worried?


Maybe Jason has stopped maintaining it. Ill find out.


Well, whatever the issue, hopefully it’s backed up. I can’t imagine losing such an important resource and record.


@zredthunder You could let him know we’d be happy to take over hosting as part of the Fleet Workshop if he doesn’t want the responsibility any longer.


Still down… :frowning:


Any word? Maybe we can also contact the hosting company.


Jason has not gotten back to me…I will try again.


Thank you for doing that.

If, God forbid, the site is for some reason irreparably lost, I just checked and it’s at least partly available at the Wayback Machine.


I just called him and left a message. I havent heard back from emails.


Any word?


NOTHING…I dont understand it. We have known each other for years and he used to be big into Trek collecting. I bought some of my crazy props from him. I will try again but at this point, no promises.


My earlier posts might seem more concerned with the website being down, but I’m actually more worried about your friend. I was thinking it was just a technical error, but if you can no longer contact him, perhaps he has had some trouble, hopefully not anything too serious like medical related.

Does he have a Facebook page or some place to maybe find and contact someone else who knows him?


I just got out of a chat with his site host. I thought if they could tell me whether it’s just a glitch on their end, verses something like payments lapsing. If the former, then perhaps just a coincidence, if the latter…then he might not have been around to notice and take care of any routine site maintenance. But they were unable or unwilling to offer any insight into the problem.


Its back up…just the database…all of Jasons personal stuff is gone.


Yes, I can access it too. Mysterious.


It was down because Jason allowed the yearly to lapse. Someone else took the database over.


Hmm, okay.