Trek Bottles from TNG and all later series


I’m starting, slowly but surely, to create a site dedicated to the bottles I have. I want to pass along info about how the bottles were used in the various Trek incarnations, but also how I found them, how much I paid for them, how rare they are, etc. I’m hopeful if I share my experiences it will help people who are getting into this aspect of Trek prop collecting find stuff they are looking for.

Boozy Trek [TOS Bottle Discussion Only Please]

I’m a little intimidated by how many bottles there are. I was thinking about pursuing the multi-color goblets first since they are so prominent.

I’ll be looking forward to your site. I’ve collected all the relevant screencaps from the first couple seasons so I can track appearances and uses.

One thing I want to do is create an accurate model of Quark’s barback shelf unit, so hopefully a fan will build one for their basement or something. :slight_smile:

Can you say whether you built your collection recently or did you start it years ago?


I’m planning to make a display for the bottles that looks like it belongs on DS9. I’ll get there and I’m sure you will too.

I’ve had some of the bottles for several decades but I only really started collecting them in earnest in the past couple of years. It can get to be pretty overwhelming, I have about 50 bottles so far but I still lack most of the really big-ticket stuff like Scotty’s secret bottle of scotch or the Old Kentucky Tavern decanter or the Lord Calvert decanter.

It can get kind of ridiculous though. I mean if you look in the background there you can see what looks like blue and pink painted Dickel powder horn bottles. Should I make those? I don’t know…


It’s possible that the opaque ones are resin castings, like some of the Evian bottles on Enterprise were. And yes, you should make them. :slight_smile:


Just doing a quick scan of eBay there are a number of Trek bottles and cups being sold as such right now. And of course dozens of the bottles like were used in Star Trek but are not being related to the show(s) by the seller.


Ok so I have been searching for the ribbed salt shaker they use as a stopper on the Vulcan port, what is it!? Also, what bottle is the Risan wine and the Aldebaran whiskey?


What bottle did you use for the Syrup of Squill?


Here’s the website I’m putting together on my bottles. It’s a work in progress but it’s coming along. It should answer most questions about how I did my bottles.


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Edit: Never mind, it’s working for me now. Thanks for the site link.


The syrup of Squill bottle is from a distillery called Morey. They made many types of liqueurs, banana was the one that the bottle came from.


I have been having a hard time finding the correct size for these s/p shakers. I think the company that made them was Cole & Mason.

The Risan Wine can be found by searching for bottles filled with olive oil and herbs, or bath lotions. Sometimes thrift stores don’t thrown them out and the bottle can be found. I lucked into mine, I believe I searched for a “bottle with a red stopper”.

The Aldebaran whiskey bottle used in TNG was a tequila bottle (1800 brand I think). The DS9 version was a decorative bottle and can be found by using the same search as the Risan wine bottle.


All good info Unkle Kahn. The salt and pepper shakers I used were by Cole and Mason. More here:



The Cole and Mason shakers are 2-3/4 inches tall by 2 inches in diameter approximately. There are also smaller beehive shaped shakers that are about 1-3/4 inches tall, which I used on my small bottle of Vulcan Port.


Thanks so much, very helpful!


As I said before, I’ve gotten into this subject heavily recently. I’m glad you’re making this site, and I look forward to any updates.

Will you be continuing to collect from the different shows, or do you focus more on one era? Also, do you collect drinkware as well?


Just perusing your site, I see that you’re also looking for a Fris Vodka bottle. I’ve been looking for a good deal for awhile. There are few places that look like they’ll sell the vintage bottle, unopened, but I was waiting for an empty one on eBay or somewhere. Hope we don’t end up competing on one! :slight_smile:


I’m enjoying tracking down bottles from across the entire Star Trek franchise, although ultimately I think it’s hard not to favor DS9 simply because Quark is always pouring one out. As far as the Fris vodka bottle goes I certainly won’t feel bad if you get one on eBay or wherever before I do. I look at this as a big scavenger hunt and having friendly competition makes it way more interesting! I always enjoy seeing people add cool bottles to their collections, it’s great when you can show off what you’ve found to people who share your passion.


Just recently scored the BMF Carafe, or atleast I hope I did! The site seems shady so I bought a VISA gift card instead of using my own to purchase it…hope I receive it in the mail! Check out the site and let me know what you guys think:


I’ve never heard of that site before, but it looks like it could be legit. Definitely let us know when you get the carafe, hopefully you’ve found another source for stuff!


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