Trek Bottles from TNG and all later series


Good catch! I’ve seen that carafe in red, blue, and green. It’s very popular near the Cardassian border.


I’ve been thinking, if someone wants to take a crack at creating a 3D file of the Skagaran whiskey bottle I would look into getting some printed for us. I’ve hunted all over for this bottle and I’ve found zilch.

I just don’t have the skills necessary to create the 3D model to print from.


Been collecting and making Trek replica bottles for almost 15 years now. It all started for me one day as I was looking at the Art of Star Trek and realized that the clear, 7 ring plastic stopper on the Vulcan Port bottle was a salt shaker. At that moment, it became a mission of mine to collect and recreate as many of the prop bottles used in Trek, even though most of the replica bottles would be from Quarks on DS9.
Over the years, I have found several of the original style bottles that were used on the various shows, most at thrift stores and a few on ebay.
Here are some pictures of the bottles I have made over the years:
Aldeberan Whiskey Deep Space Nine episode Prophet Motive

Aldeberan Whiskey Star Trek the Next Generation “Relics.”

Alvanian Brandy Deep Space Nine episode “Body Parts.”

Andorian Ale Enterprise episode "Babel One

Andorian Wine Enterprise episode "Cease Fire

Bajoran Spring Wine Deep Space Nine episode “Strange Bedfellows.”

Cardassian Kanar various episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Chateau Picard Wine Next Generation movie Nemesis.

Chateau Labarre TNG spisode “Family”

Ferengi Snail Juice Deep Space Nine episode “The Maquis part 1.”

Klingon Bloodwine various episodes of DS9

Risan Wine Enterprise episode “Two Days and Two Nights.”
Slug-O-Cola Deep Space Nine episode “Profit and Lace.”

Syrup of Squill DS9 episode “The Magnificent Ferengi”

Vulcan Port Deep Space Nine episode “The Maquis part 1.”

Wee Bairns Scotch various DS9 episodes including The Assignment

Xindi Wine Enterprise "Azati Prime

Yridian Ale Deep Space Nine episode “Who Mourns for Morn.”



Awesome collection.


Very impressive!


Thanks! It has taken years to amass all of the bottles, but it has been worth it.
Sorry about the big pictures. I didn’t realize some of them were so large, and I can 't figure out how to edit the post so I can reduce them in size.
Here are a few others I have made using references from other sources like pictures from the various Trek auctions.

Breshtanti Ale IAW auctions

Alternate Wee Bairns DS9 episode Explorers

Triskelion Brandy IAW auctions

This is just one that I threw together. It has no bases in Trek, but I thought the bottle looked like something you would find in Quarks.
Just a note. 99% of all the bottles I have found over the years have come from thrift stores. It seems to be the best source to find most of them since almost all of the bottles they used in the various Trek series have been long out of production. It is pure luck, but the thrill is finding one of the bottles you are searching for.



How often do they have original labels that tell you what they were for?


Here is my collection of Star Trek bottle labels. Some are authentic, some my own creation, but all were fun to do.
Way back in 1998 it was my part recreating the bottles from Quark’s bar for a convention. Over the years I got a few more from Star Trek and BSG from Terry.

BTW: The UFP logo in the background has got a diameter of 90 cm (about 3’), which I did also for a convention in 1993.

Some of the labels you can download for free in pdf format on this website:
Just click on DOWNLOADS and in the next window on DL.DES MON. (Download of the Month) and you can find 166 free graphics from the Star Trek universe.


Wow, thanks!


No problem, my pleasure.





John, it’s Bill we’ve been emailing for the past several weeks about labels. I’ll definitely get my labels from you ASAP! I’ve been putting together a website about the Trek booze bottles and I got sidetracked with that. I’ll post the URL of my site for everyone to check out as soon as it’s up and running.

Boozy Trek [TOS Bottle Discussion Only Please]

So this is kind of a nightmare. I broke my Kanar bottle while trying to get the cap off. As seen in the pics I’m trying to repair it and I’m hoping once I recreate the shape of the top of the bottle I can paint it black and end up with something tolerable.

Here’s the bottle after I super glued the pieces together. Not great.

I eventually took the cap and the broken pieces off and started to rebuild the shape of the bottle with epoxy clay.

My plan is ultimately to paint the bottle black so it looks more or less less the one in this pic of what I believe are screen used bottles.


I don’t know, it just breaks my heart that I broke this bottle. :frowning:


I’m really interested in everything you’re posting. I’ve recently gotten into this area of props from DS9. I’ve been collecting references and info as of late.


Lots of great info about Trek prop bottles here.


Thank you, I’m familiar.


LOL I told you I was highjacking that thread!

Anyway, WOW, it’s so cool to see your bottles guys, thanks so much for sharing!!

Once I get my act together I’m going to have to get a lot of labels, you guys are putting my sad, naked bottles to shame.

I have a couple of bottles I’m working on that are my own custom creations. Your imagination really starts to flow when you start studying all the different bottles used on screen.


Naked bottles are accurate to early DS9 episodes. :slight_smile:


I like this plan!


Hopefully everyone survived and is sitting up and taking nourishment.

So this arrived in the mail today, my Bajoran perfume bottle.