Trek Bottles from TNG and all later series


Awesome find! I have always liked that prop.
Thanks for sharing.



So far, I have only just the following:

Klingon Bloodwine bottle (need to add the ribbed details and a topper)

DS9 Kanar bottle (need to scratch-build a screen-accurate bottle stopper for it)

Vulcan Port bottle (need to get one of the S&P shakers to make a clear top)

Oh, and of course there’s my TNG Ten Forward Tray set:

The next one I’d like to do is Scotty’s Aldeberan whiskey bottle from “Relics”.


Cool! I haven’t been able to get any of the Jose Cuervo mixer bottles to make into Klingon Bloodwine, that’s a gaping hole in my collection.


I’ve had zero luck trying to find this bottle or the similar brown one. What is it exactly?


A few years ago, I created a PDF about creating the Klingon Bloodwine bottle that contains material info but also has a pattern in the back. If you or anyone want it, you can find it at the bottom of the main page:


Some of you on Facebook may have seen my sales add for some bottles I’m selling. I am on mobile so I cannot get the flier, if anyone can, please feel free to post it. But if not, I have three styles of bottles I have in stock that I’m trying to move out. Once they are sold, I don’t plan on making more, but I will still be selling vinyl labels. I will try to post the flier or at least a link when I get back in front of my workstation.


This is my screen used Kanar bottle with the original two part stopper. The label is starting to come off and has faded a bit. I got this while visiting the studio during the last days of Ds9.


James Cawley you bought a Burke chair from me many years ago. You picked it up from me in the parking lot of Colonie Center where the Sears store used to be! Incredible bottle collection, really impressive.


What’s your Facebook account name John? Oops never mind I found it! I don’t see the flyer about bottles that you mentioned though…


Here is a link to my page. Here is a link to my business page.

I need to double check to see why it’s not showing.


Suddenly it dawns on me that I’m using the wrong bottle for my Slug-o Cola. Derp.


I see the flyer now John.


Now you’ll need to complete the set.


I saw that a while back when I was checking out the auction results for reference pictures. It’s a daunting task but I’m willing to take a shot at it! I guess I’m going to be looking at perfume bottles for a while!


I’m moving some new bottles in and moving some old bottles out. Have to part with my Cardassian Kanar, Vulcan Port, Cardassian Langour and Ferengi Eelwasser bottles to make way for some major additions to my collection. It never ends. Looking forward to sharing my new acquisitions shortly, it’s really some good stuff.


All of my Star Trek bottles are replicas, I thought that went without saying but clearly not. Anyway, there it is.


It’s interesting how you start to see the subtle variations in the different types of bottles used in Star Trek. This blue version of the Bajoran perfume bottle is on eBay now (not my auction) and I don’t see why it wouldn’t make a really nice replica even though it’s not dead on screen accurate.


Does anyone know of any really good close-up shots of the Aldebaran Whiskey bottle from “Relics”? These are the best Blu-ray screencaps I could find (courtesy of Trek Core):

It appears as though there’s a red tassle hanging from the neck, which in turn is tied to a piece of twine around the neck. Can’t make out any wording on the label, though.


I’ve been trying to duplicate this bottle as well. As far as I can tell this is a paper label and I’m not even sure if it’s an actual label and not possibly a piece of scrap paper laying around. I wish i had a bluray player on this PC so I could capture whatever Trekcore missed.


Those are literally the best images I’ve ever seen of that bottle. Well done.