Trek Bottles from TNG and all later series


I’m selling a bunch of my bottles right now and the Relics bottle was round one of stuff I’m parting with. I’m 99.9999% sure I have another one somewhere but anyway sooner or later I’ll get another one because come on who doesn’t love Relics???


It’s an 1800 Tequilla bottle, right?


That is correct :slight_smile:


I’ve now detailed my newly-acquired “Relics” Aldebaran Whiskey bottle (arrived yesterday):

I bought the hemp twine and red tassle last weekend in anticipation of receiving the bottle, lol.

I think I’m going to fabricate a new topper to match the screen-used one.

If ever we can find decent close-ups of the label, then maybe I can add that too.


That’s a fine looking bottle you have there! :wink:


Does anyone have a more information or a good source for the Kanar bottle stopper?



Here are a couple of pictures of my original stopper. Original but not used on the show.

The top piece is plastic with a cork center and slides over a aluminum pour spout. It was originally white. The rubber stopper I added. I found this one in a thrift store a few years ago. From what I understand, this style stopper was once sold by Pier One Imports back in the 90’s. But they have not sold them in many years.


As for where to find them, I used to make resin copies of my original, but the mold has worn out and I don’t currently have any RTV to make another one. I will try and get some soon and then I can produce some copies.



I cannot seem to find the Vulcan Port bottles! Any tips?


Try looking in local thrift stores. I have found 4 of them in the last month at thrift stores around where I live. Give it a try. You never know what you will find.



I have been looking in them for months now lol


What’s the stopper for the Ferengi snail juice bottle? Is that a found object?


Probably a half dozen or more Vulcan port bottles on eBay right now although an unusually large number of them are cobalt blue. I just messaged you about a couple that seem right though.


Here is a couple from DS9 using the very fine juice bottles.


I might be wrong, but I don’t believe the stopper on the Ferengi snail juice bottle was a found item. But perhaps Mike would know for sure.
The ones I make for my replica bottles are just a small green acrylic box that I get at TAP plastics and a piece of acrylic tubing. Paint the tube black, add the gold detail tape and glue the two pieces together, and you have a stopper. :smile:



What kind of gold tape did you use for the top? I have some but not sure how good it will look!


I use 1/4 inch mirror gold hobby tape that I get at a local hobby store.

I use it for the two stripes that go around the green cube and also around the black tube that goes under the green cube.
I currently don’t have a stopper for my Snail Juice bottle, but I will pick up the parts in the next couple of days and take some pictures of them before and after I make the stopper so you can see what I am talking about.



This is a great thread! I wish I still had all my old bottles.


That one will have to be cobbled together. I think TAP plastics carries the small acrylic box and tube(?).

Fan made stopper


Looks like one of the stoppers that I made. I like to use the black rubber corks. :smile:
Yes, Tap Plastics carries the green box (the top lid comes off. I just glue it on when making the stopper so it won’t come off during use). They also carry the tubing as well.