Trek Bottles from TNG and all later series


Thanks for the pics!


I see that TAP Plastics sells a 1" plastic box. I’ll grab a bunch of those in a week or so.


You inspired me to try my hand at the “Relics” bottle as well, Elvis :slight_smile:

I found a tassel on ebay but I think yours looks closer - where did you get it?

Here are some more screencaps of the thing… It’s funny but their replacement stopper (using the cork from the 1800 stopper) apparently came apart during the bridge scene - it’s visibly stuck in the neck of the bottle when Scotty pours and drinks from the bottle.

Also visible is some text on the label: “5344” Does that look familiar to anyone? Still can’t make sense out of the rest of the label…

For the stopper I’m using a 1 13/16" round wooden drawer pull / knob that I found at Home Depot ( The shape on the underside seems like it could be a little more full (maybe convex instead of concave) but the size and overall shape feels close to me.

Here’s the 1800 stopper disassembled, along with the knob. I turned down its base to a size that the original stopper washer and cork would fit over it.

Not sure how best to affix the cork to the new stopper. Maybe it should be left loose as that’s technically screen accurate too! :smile:


On my first version, I put the screw through the hole of the cork into the knob, then filled the cork with hot glue. Its a bit messy, but held really well. As for the tassels, I picked mine at Hancock Fabrics before they went bankrupt, and have since found them at Joannes.


Great, thanks for the tip! I’ll go take a look at Joann’s. I was sad to see Hancock Fabrics close… My mom got so much fabric and yarn there when I was little, and they were always very helpful with Halloween costumes and other projects over the years.

If I can find some food-safe epoxy I’ll try that same tactic with the cork/stopper attachment :slight_smile:


Ethan, I got my tassle at Fabricland. It was one of two in the package which were connected by a thick red thread. I snipped that, then wrapped it around the hemp twine and afterward snipped off the excess.

I think I might have come across the same red tassle on eBay that you did. Was going to buy it, then thought I could probably find something local. Good thing I held off on buying on eBay :sunglasses:


Food safe epoxy? I hadnt thought of that. Now if we can only get the label done…:slight_smile:


These are so cheesy. I get the emails from so I see all the merchandise they’re pushing. So much of it is just cornball stuff.