Trekonderoga 2018 - Who's Coming?


Who at TFW is coming to Trekonderoga 2018? Does anyone know of plans for a meetup? Happy to pitch in on any planning if so…

I’m arriving on on 8/23 AM, will be around all day Probably driving back to VT for that night, but then returning Fri and staying in Ti through Sunday. I’ll be training and doing walk-throughs with the close protection security team (Urban) for part of Thurs, but free beyond that.


No meet ups that I know of yet Joel, can’t wait to see you there.


Looking forward to seeing you as well, my friend! We’ll probably be too busy for a proper prop meetup, but looking forward to the dinner and golf and hanging with our Trek friends!


Are Tina and Rob going?


Yep, we’re all working this time!


I will be there Friday through Sunday. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Why does Dredd need a security team? :grinning:


Or Skurge, or Eomer.

I dunno, he could probably kick my ass, big dude. Happy to hang out with him and look as threatening as I can I guess.


I would imagine their job is just to deal with the overzealous fan so they get accused of being a rude jerk and not the actor. :slight_smile:


Really kinda hoping Karl brings Katee Sackhoff with him…

A guy can hope.


I’m there!


I’m there too.


Ladies and Gentleman, It’s a Starfleet Doctor’s weekend as I am pleased to announce that the Beloved CMO of The Enterprise D from STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION,
Dr. Crusher a.k.a. Gates McFadden will be joining us for Trekonderoga weekend!
August 24, 25, 26th, 2018!
Get your tickets now!!


I heard the rumor in Vegas that you got somebody else. Neat.


Aw, I had such a crush on her (still do!).