Trekonderoga 2018


Just a heads up for Fleet Workshop friends Trekonderoga 2018 will be taking place on August 24,25 and 26, 2018. We our over the moon to welcome Karl Urban and Robin Curtis to the classic sets this year! We will also have several classic TOS personalities and many fun filled events for the weekend! Tickets will go on sale May 5th and a special discount code will be offered to all Fleet Members!




Nice James! Let me know how I can help out in any way.


That is wild!, Big fan of Karl. New McCoy on old set, how cool and trippy is that…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Who’s ready for August ‘18 !!!


Awesome, not missing it this year!

If you need help I’m only an hour away. Twenty minutes if I drive really really fast!


Been ready since August '17


Reserved my hotel room! They really sell out fast!


I’m already set to be going in May - and now it looks like I’ll be going in August too!


I’m in. Loved last year’s event. Looking forward to this year!


I’m so ready! May 5th is here tomorrow! Hope we can still buy tickets.
Can’t wait to see you James! My first time at Trekonderoga!


Hey Rob! I reserved my hotel room last month. You are right! They do sell out quickly!


Finally get to go this year. Can’t wait.


Great, Would nice to see Robin again and Karl who I loved as De.


Are tickets on sale for this event already? I looked on the site and didn’t see a way to purchase them. Also, did the discount code for TFW members that James mentioned in the 1st post get posted?


I am curious as well


Where do you get tickets at? and will there be a meet up that we have time to enjoy the set?


I don’t believe they’ve released any info regarding the event yet. I’m sure James and Co are working on it and will be making the announcement very soon, after a much needed breather following the Shatner event. I believe James is performing as Elvis this weekend as well.

I know that many guests are already lined up. Stay tuned, the announcement has to be soon so tickets can be sold.


Yes your right. There is no info on the event yet. Tickets are not for sale yet. They are working on it. They had the authors weekend too to deal with after Shatner so James must be very busy. Everyone is so excited and patiently waiting.


Attention! Attention! :slight_smile:

Tickets for Trekonderoga 2018 are now on sale!!!

Tickets can be found here:

Information on panels and presentations, other guests, the schedule, and other info will be following soon, so please check back often!!

Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you there!!!