Tricorder Mark VI graphics


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The main body looks right but the graphics don’t and the scanner is for the vacuform later MkVI’s. I wonder what it sold for.


Yikes. I’ve seen that one pop up before somewhere but can’t remember where. I hope the buyer didn’t pay much.


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Animated back-lit LCARS "Okudagram" translites

Can’t have too much ref right?


You guys are nuts. And awesome! :joy: Thank you for the AI files, @norbauer!


Hi , I was told through a friend who was close to Guy Vardaman ( hopefully the correct spelling ) that the originals were printed onto satin effect photo paper then the colour films were applied to the back , Duralar was then applied as you have already stated and then a clear contact spray mount adhesive was used to fix the graphic to the Tricorder body. He got that information direct from the art department . I am working on scratch building a master using a lot of reference photos and the base of the Playmates toy ( I know the toy is smaller but overall allowing for the size difference the layout and measurements do align) if one allows for the percentage differences.

I’d like to build accurate replicas of the hand scanners as I progress , so if anyone has either the measurements or a Plan drawing for them , I would be extremely grateful if I could beg a copy . Hopefully I’ll have some photos of the master to post this weekend one I finish up the master.


Hi @Jonnyb. Are you sure your friend isn’t thinking of the translite displays used on computer monitors? The process you mentioned describes those, but not the auction photos of the Mark VI seen in the opening post.


Hi norbauer, to be absolutely honest , I can’t be totally sure, but I do know , his friend was a well known uk prop maker and he used this process to build a number of Tricorder replicas that he sold at a number of conventions in the UK. Personally I’ve used a similar process with a cold laminate sheet before , on a different project and had good results , but have only just secured ‘proper’ Duralar fairly recently , I’ve been searching around for quite some time for decent artwork , but decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and try an recreate my own following examples show on various sites.
On another point , I have finished my prototyping of the LCD screen MP4 players and have a process that is both , inexpensive , easy to reproduce , flexible in that it can easily be used for TOS, TNG, DS9’ the films’ etc etc simply by adjusting content and layout and I think could easily be retrofitted into any existing Tricorder or any device that needed an animated screen display. Also it’s scaleable by that I mean it could be used on any LCD sized screen display MP4 type player or photo display.
I will make this process available to any member here free of charge who mails me direct
I’ll be putting some videos up on u-tube shortly as I do intend to sell these at some point in the future.


Well, I should qualify that they did probably inlay some purple film behind these

And for the LEDs.

But I have a strong sense that the lettering and “buttons” were screen-printed.

Also, bear in mind that there were various tric graphics made using widely varying techniques, for example, between the Mark VI and Mark X, so maybe your friend was referring to one of those? We should do a thread on each. :slight_smile:


Hi Ryan,
I completely agree with you There does seem to be very distinct versions , because if I examine good photo shots of each , I can see very different ‘distinctions’ when looking at them side by side , and like most I would like to have the most accurate versions.




Hi Ryan,
Currently reworking a Tricorder body VI (a playmates resized to correct size) as like most I can’t afford to buy every single one I want , so being 6000 miles away and no one willing to ship me some ( inexpensive) versions of the different body shells I am resorting to make my own set of masters to accomodate the LCD screen display , If successful , only minor changes would be needed to allow the body and screen to fit in the display area of most others.
This is by no means a pop at Myron Stapleton or GM props , both make excellent products , but Gerry’s electronics are built mostly to fit the toy and sometimes Myron follows suit. I have made many and personally bought ones for myself and I do recommend them when asked, but like most am striving to get to close to perfection , I do have a few original props , collected over the years , but now originals sell for thousands of pounds, it simply isn’t possible .
There will be at least one where artistic license will have to prevail as I cannot really alter the screen module to fit , it will have to be Tricorder to screen in any eventuality. I have also figured a way to add a reasonable stereo sound system to the LCD module ( video to go onto U-tube as soon as I can get it finished ). I know I am being a pain , but and help with graphics etc would be extremely welcomed and perhaps any detailed drawing or measurements of the small rectangular scanner would be really welcome.


Sadly, I actually don’t have one of the rectangular scanners right now, just the body. I would like to try to track one down eventually though.

Beyond sharing the graphics posted above, what sort of graphics help you were looking for? Assuming you have a license for Illustrator (which can be bought on a monthly basis), it should be easy enough to modify those graphics to fit pretty much any similar tricorder.

I believe that the Playmates tricorders were actually based on the Mark VII graphics, which would be different from the ones in this thread. However, I hope to make up some graphics for those too eventually. I just have a lot of projects going right now, so I’m sure it’ll take me a while to get to it, for better or worse. :blush:


I’ve just posted a video of the prototype LCD screen on U Tube ,
Comments welcome , my best regards


Its pretty cool. Your getting us another step closer to possibly having them in the real world. Good Job


Awesome video John


Addition video shows LCD test screen animations , and quality of power sound amp , both of which will be soon fitted into a Tricorder shell , video of completed installation planned for next week . All comments welcome

Best regards



This is a great thread, but I have a question in regards to the vinyl graphics in general from TNG. I’ve looked at suppliers for custom printed vinyl stickers, but I could never figure out if what they used on the show were some kind of low-tack version, or perhaps they weren’t even traditional stickers. Maybe they were sprayed with adhesive?

It’s hard to imagine they plastered the set with the type of stickers that bond super strong, are almost impossible to remove, and if you do, they’re destroyed, torn, and leave behind residue. I would think it be something just strong enough to adhere and lay flat, but would peel off easily when redressing the set.

Does anybody know?