Tricorder Mark VII graphics (2 layer / raised buttons version)


wow, you´re doing some pretty cool stuff!

for the double layer print i the black layer printed with “deep-black” (that ink with the bigger pigmets) either as a first layer before printing colors or as print on the back of the transparent foil. I know from some guys here in germany that they do it like this but they do not want to tell me who does it for them… afraid of ebayers I guess.

as an alternative I could also imagine to have 2 prints. one with the full MSD (black and color) and a second one only that deep black without any colors as kind of a mask layer.

I don´t care about the gels to have it authentic :slight_smile: that would be like building a tricorder with crappy printouts and without sound because the original prop was silent :wink:


Were they even still doing gels when Voyagers started? I know there are some graphics that have been auctioned from Voyager, but I don’t remember if they were color prints or not.


@norbauer might want to split this topic…

If you’re happy not to go the gel route, I can certainly contact him re: a test as I’ve just sent him loads of non-sci-fi work. Firstly, can you give me the exact dimensions of your artwork? I’ll see if it fits on his flatbed.

If you can send me a non-merged AI or EPS of the artwork - just a 300mm x 300mm crop will be fine, I appreciate you won’t want to send me your whole artwork - I can prep it for a double black / white / double colour print and see what we get?

I love silent Tricorders…


That Sounds great!
I‘m on my way to the alps right now so I can only get back to you in about 10 days.
I‘ll Send you a Message when I am back.

Have a Nice Weekend guys!


Thank you all for posting these graphics!!! I had to use the graphics from the one in my collection for a build for someone and these worked perfectly. Are there downloadable MK IX/X/XI graphics with this level of quality?

Since these pics, I have diffused the bright green led.



Some more information has come to light in the time since the earlier parts of this thread - I previously advocated the idea that the single layer graphics were hallmarks of “later” Mk VII tricorders, but this is not necessarily the case.

In a recent post, Tom Hudson, who along with Ed Miarecki built the first vacuform Mark VI tricorders (with scanner pocket), posted some great photos of one of those first tricorders. They used single layer graphics! Regarding the labels:

Labels were just adhesive-backed paper printed at a Massachusetts print shop

The multi-layer buttons were done with Xeroxes onto colored paper.

So now I wonder what the logic is behind which tricorders got single layer decals, and which got multiple. Is it down to which shop completed the build?