Tricorder on Mercari


Let loose the hounds!


ok, you did ask for it…sorta.

I take it this is your listing?
Are you daft?? $1,000??

I joke with the best of humerus intentions! but also a twang of seriousness!


Of course it’s not my listing. Just noticed it on there. Yes, they’re daft.

Did Stewart ever even use a Tricorder?



OK, wasn’t sure…glad its not yours! Just so your not daft!

Actually there were a handful of episodes in which Stewart needed to use a Tricorder but by and large it was not the norm for his character.


If you read closely , the COA included is signed by the owners 12 year old nephew . Hope you don’t mind but I shared this on FB . :joy:


I’m not seeing this bit about his 12yo nephew in the auction.


It’s a joke … trying to be funny


The 12 year old nephews name is Stu Patrick :wink:


The seller is actually claiming…get this, its from the set!