TWOK Romulan Ale Bottle/Decanter


It’s inside it, but yes, the blue is not liquid.


Bumping this thread to see if any progress has been made?


Can anybody identify the font?


AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium could be it.


Pretty sure it is Monotype Century Schoolbook Regular from Linotype.

This would be available in 1981/1982 at the time of the production of The Wrath of Khan.

There are of course other online versions by other foundries, many for free, but if I was a betting man I would stick with the Linotype version since (as mentioned) that would most likely be the version l and likely used by the Paramount Art department.


Could be the Century Old Style variant (also by Linotype) as well (also available in 1981/1982).

Which looking at it some more, seems a closer match given the outward flaring of the serifs of the “T”.


Wow, you guys are fast.

On the original, the G has a descender, which doesn’t appear to be there in Century Old Style. However, it does seem to be there in Monotype Century Schoolbook:

The font Buddahaid suggested looks good too, as it seems to be lighter weight

I wonder if they aren’t actually different versions of the same font. I believe Myungjo is actually a Korean font that also happens to include English letters.


Century Expanded is a possible variant.


A little off topic.

I’ve been hunting forever to find a glass blower to reproduce some Decanters.

Do you know of any that you could share?



Just a thought, but you might check with Renaissance festivals and head shops for someone who is a glass blower. They are rare but many of them love a challenge. :wink: