Uhura's Earpiece from Undiscovered Country


General thread for the ST VI version of the communications ear receiver…

Here’s one that went up for sale through Profiles:

Seemingly bought by the YourProps user Shanco:


Some screencaps:

Here’s a resin / stunt version:


“A Starfleet communications bridge console ear piece like those used by “Commander Uhura” (Nichelle Nichols) in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The item is lightweight molded resin, believed to be hollow, painted metallic silver, with a rotating ear piece made from clear plastic that does fit into the wearer’s right ear. A black faux button is present on the outside of the pivot and a molded inscription can be made out on the side of the pivot reading ‘STANTON’. The pivot allows the item to be worn up or down. The earpiece measures approx. 2.75 X 1.5 X 1 inch. This item is believed to have been presented in the Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country DVD set featurette titled ‘Penny’s Toy Box’.”

The silver painted piece between the machined aluminum and the hearing aid ear insert appears to be the speaker from a vintage hearing aid (or a casting of the same).

There is a picture out there somewhere showing another metal copy of this with an acrylic disc in between the two central fins - the switch on the end was meant to illuminate a red LED that would shine through the acrylic, but it wasn’t used on Uhura’s.


Found a clearer version of the Profiles photo:

I also found these photos in my reference files… the filenames indicated they came from an ebay auction, so I’m a little unclear about their story. They seem to have a slightly shorter base section (the part the angled stem connects to), which could be attributed to being hand-machined, and of course a different ear insert.


These were made by Ed Mirarecki and the one lit up is the way they were delivered and the ear piece was changed by the studio. I still have mine from back then but have not changed the button battery in a long time.



I lost the aluminum beauty ring that hides the threads years ago.


I just noticed that Uhura’s pictures has 2 different Earpieces, it appears they took out the clear plexi in the middle and glued the top back on as seen in the 1st, 2nd, & 4th picture and the working one is seen in the 3rd picture down.


Wow, thank you for the information and photos! I was wondering how the button fit in there and a simple little aluminum sleeve to hide the threads makes so much sense.


Happy to help.


I should change the battery and take pictures and post them.


That would be Awesome.
Could you also take a pic of the inside too?



They added the white plastic Radio Shack ear plug with the ear pad that conforms to the ear so she would not have to hold it up then painted the white silver so it would match.


This thing is so cool. Thanks for sharing those photos @TomPI!