Verizon to Comcast; sort of


Just a heads up, I know each of us likes to save moola and this tip might save you some.

I had Verizon Wireless for years, paying $165 for 4 lines and their optional insurance for everything.
I also had their Familybase which is essentially a monitoring/control application they charge $ for.

I switched to Comcast Xfinity which uses the Verizon network. The same LTE based on speed tests I did before and after, access to the Xfinity hotspots and I brought my already paid for iPhone 7’s for a total of $47 per month.

With Verizon I had a 2 gig shared plan as we are 90% of the time on wifi from home/office and with Comcast
it’s a by the gig plan that I started with 3GB.

So far, cell coverage is as it was with Verizon and all iPhone functions are operational. Sometimes switching carries results in some loss ie; T-Mobile would have comp[romised the LTE and omited iMessage.