Vintage Burke Furniture Catalog


Found this on eBay. I thought it was interesting from an historical standpoint, putting the Burke chairs in context with the rest of the line offered by the company.


I love historical design context stuff like this. Really describes the aesthetic mind scale of the time and place. Thanks for posting!


Fun history, thanks for sharing!


I saw that on ebay but I certainly was not going to shell-out $100 bucks for it which was what he was asking before. I see it’s only $80 now . . . still not biting! :slight_smile:


^ Ouch, that’s pretty steep!


This stuff really flashes me back… not to TOS, but to my elementary school and plastic stackable chairs.
Somewhere in the backwoods of the USA, I’m sure there is an neglected school lunchroom full of gold.


As a matter of cosmic history, it has always been easier to buy than to sell.:upside_down_face:

scan_20180409191406.pdf (5.9 MB)
scan_20180409191905.pdf (7.3 MB)


Ha ha ! Nice


What absolutely excellent midcentury-modern graphic design. Thanks for sharing this @Lt.Washburn.


When it tags the Star Trek name it gets expensive but you got to have it right? -SGT


So very cool. Some of those pages would look great matted and framed.


Honestly, this is such a rare piece which is why I was following it to begin with; it is probably worth the price. I have only seen one other and I look ALL of the time! :slight_smile:


Would make a great item to add to the scan archive.


@aliensatemybuick those scans are great!

Looks like the main chair is referred to as the “Star side chair”. And the shorter version of that is called “continental height”. The other chair is the “Star arm chair”.


Hey guys, here’s another version of this catalog. I thought it was the same one, but there are little differences. For instance, now Burke is listed as a division of Brunswick Corporation. And the dealer label inside the cover is different. I wonder where Star Trek sourced their chairs from.


I just checked out the Brunswick website and they have a company history that says they bought Burke in 1963. They listed it under school furniture, by the way, then it says they divested of this category in 1969. So, whether the non-Brunswick catalog dates from before or after this time, I do not know. The Brunwick logo being used dates from 1960 to 1972, so that’s no help.


Looks like he based his asking price on my auction. :slight_smile:


I see on another thread that at least some 116s have Brunswick markings under the feet. Is this found on all the chairs?

Here’s an interesting color variation of the chair, that shows the Brunswick marks.


That’s a low boy “mini-me” style. My full height 116 is not labeled Brunswick.

I’d guess the eBay chair you reference was marketed to bowling alleys under the “Brunswick” moniker. The lower height could be beneficial for bowlers to put on and take off their shoes like Fred Rogers.

Perhaps all low boy style chairs bear the Brunswick name. Maybe Burke added child chairs to their line once this lower Brunswick base was introduced???


That makes sense.